Sentosa has always been a popular destination in Singapore, for both locals and tourists alike.

Starting next Monday (26 August), Sentosa visitors can book an autonomous shuttle bus ride to take them to places like Siloso and Tanjong beaches.

These rides can be booked via the Ride Now Sentosa mobile app, or at kiosks on the island. The process is similar to booking a ride on ride-hailing apps like Grab.

The shuttle bus can carry about 10 passengers, and will ply along a 5.7km route that has seven different stops.

The service operates only on weekdays (excluding public holidays), running for only four hours a day — between 10am and noon, and between 2pm and 4pm.

This initiative is part of a three-month trial that will run until 15 November 2019.

It is also a collaborative effort between ST Engineering Land Systems, Ministry of Transport, and Sentosa Development Corporation.

Permanent secretary for transport Loh Ngai Seng said that these autonomous shuttle buses have previously been trialled in June last year, although it did not pick up any passengers.

While weather will not pose any challenge for the buses (they can operate in “moderate” rainy weather), there are other challenges such as narrow winding roads, roundabouts and wildlife.

That said, each of these vehicles will have a safety driver onboard who will take over in case of emergencies.

Meanwhile, ST Engineering is exploring the use of road-side sensors to enhance the vehicles’ capabilities.

Featured Image Credit: Sentosa

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