What Can You Get For $5? A Circles.Life Mobile Plan With 2GB Of Data

While many heavy data users rejoiced when digital telco Circles.Life disrupted the market with their plans, the firm has just announced that they have launched a plan catered to users that consume less data instead.

Priced at just $5, the new ‘$5 Plan’ gives consumers 2GB worth of data per month, along with 50 minutes of talktime and 25 SMSes.

Said Delbert Ty, Circles.Life’s Head of Marketing: “During the past 3 years, we have changed the average data use from 4GB to 12GB/ month through our Base Plan.”

“While this serves people who need a lot of data, there are those who are looking for a great experience but don’t need that much data. We are launching the $5 Plan to give people more power through options that enable them to control their telco needs.”

Customers will also be able to customise their plans and opt for boost options – 1GB for $8, 2GB for $12, 30 minutes talktime for $5 or 200 minutes of talktime and free incoming calls for $10.

Do note though, that phones, roaming, and unlimited data are only 
available with 20GB Base Plan sign-ups.

  • Find out more about the $5 plan here.

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