S'pore MVNO VIVIFI Lets You Share A 20GB Mobile Plan So You Don't Waste Unused Data

To cater to data-hungry Singaporeans, telcos and MVNOs in Singapore now offer mobile plans that offer at least 20GB of data.

It is now seen as the new standard, which is more than double of the usual 3GB to 6GB data offered by telcos a few years back.

While having lots of data means that you don’t have to worry about busting your monthly limit, it is actually a waste of money because users typically don’t end up using all of their given data.

With the aim to get users to maximise their plans, Singapore mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) VIVIFI launched in July this year using Singtel’s mobile network infrastructure.

It offers a non-contract shareable mobile plan that can be shared with up to 9 users.

Called VIVIFI Share Plan, it offers 20GB of data, 300 mins of talktime and 100 SMS for $29.90 a month.

mvno vivifi singapore
Screenshot from VIVIFI website

Users can then add on more mobile lines for $5.35 to share their data, talk time and SMS. Every additional mobile line will get to enjoy an extra 2GB for the first year.

All users also get to enjoy free caller ID, incoming calls, SMSes and zero registration fees.

If 20GB per month (or 26GB if including bonus data) is insufficient for the whole family, users can top up data $10 for up to 6GB, $20 for up to 18GB, $30 up to 30GB and $4.28 per GB for more than 30GB.

mvno vivifi singapore
Screenshot from VIVIFI website

VIVIFI also offers roaming options when you travel overseas. For Malaysia and Thailand destinations, data is priced at $5/GB and is valid for 7 days.

Meanwhile, data for countries in the Asia Pacific region (Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand) will be priced at $20 for 3GB and is valid for 10 days.

Lastly, roaming for all countries is priced at $35/GB and is valid for 30 days.

mvno vivifi singapore
Screenshot from VIVIFI website

Is It Worth Subscribing?

VIVIFI Share works best for families (or groups of friends) who use an average amount of data.

For instance, a family of four who uses 6GB each on average would need to pay $11.49 per person when they share one mobile plan.

Even if you are a family of medium data users who uses about 10GB of data on average, each member will only have to pay $16.50 per person. This is still significantly affordable!

However, for a family of heavy users who needs at least 20GB per user, it’s probably better to opt for other mobile plans.

VIVIFI works best for families with young children or senior citizens who don’t need that much data. In all, VIVIFI’s end goal is to let users maximise their mobile plans and save money by sharing data, talk time and SMS.

Featured Image Credit: VIVIFI

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