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MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) was founded with a mission to support the growth of entrepreneurship in Malaysia and to create a sustainable ecosystem development through creativity and innovation. 

In line with that, they will be organising the MaGIC Entrepreneurial Nation (E-Nation) Symposium on the 30th of October to the 2nd of November 2019.

Through the symposium, MaGIC wants to stimulate and facilitate the spirit of entrepreneurship through creativity, innovation and social impact in Malaysia. This is also in support of efforts by the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development (MED) in building a truly entrepreneurial Malaysia.

However, this event is not limited to only entrepreneurs. If you are a student, a person seeking a job, or a player in the private or public sector, you are more than welcome to join in too. 

But What’s In It For You?

Aside from the keynote sessions and panel discussions, there are workshops, exhibitions and a career fair happening at the same time.

Image Credit: MaGIC Cyberjaya

The event will also feature over 40 local and international speakers and 8 keynote sessions. These sessions will explore 6 key topic pillars—Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Education, Policy, Corporate Innovation and Creative.

The event is separated into four different days, Launch Day, Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3. Launch Day and Day 3 are open to the public and that means the talks, discussions and events are free for anyone that wants to drop by. 

Day 1 and 2 will require you to pay for the entry fee, and that’s what we want to look at today.

Expose Yourself To Some Learning

Entrepreneur events are often marketed as places to learn and grow, but they can be expensive. Some of the events could cost over RM1,000, and that is a steep price to pay for new startups and any people who are just exploring the idea of entrepreneurship. But, the price for the E-Nation ticket is a more affordable RM65 a day.

Here are some of the things you can look out for.

1. What’s In Store For Entrepreneurs

Olivier Legrand, the Managing Director of LinkedIn Asia Pacific will be present on the First Day of the symposium and he will be joined by 4 other panellists in talking about “Driving the future of Entrepreneurship”.

2. How A Simple Concept Could Change Your Business

Stevens Chan, the founder of Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) will be present at the symposium as well. DiD’s concept is rather simple, but the reviews are pretty stellar and most of them mentioned it was an “eye-experience”. 

DiD guides people through familiar situations they would go through on a daily basis, like a walk in a park, but with a catch—you will be blindfolded and guided by blind guides.

The team of Dialogue In The Dark(Top), Thomas Ng, Founder of Genashtim (Bottom Left), Olivier Legrand Managing Director of LinkedIn (Bottom Right) / Image Credit: Dialogue in the Dark, Genashtim, LinkedIn

3. Get An Extra Edge Over Other Businesses

Thomas Ng is the founder of Genashtim, a for-profit social enterprise that concentrates on leveraging technology and the internet to connect marginalised communities to the global economy. His talk will be focused on how being a responsible business will give you the edge over others.

4. Innovation In The Industry Could Drive Your Company Forward

The 2nd day will also play host to a few interesting forums, with one of them being a talk on corporate innovation. Suresh Sidhu, the CEO of Edotco Group will be present on the forum. Edotco holds over 29,500 telecommunications tower around the world.

5. What’s Next For Tech-Based Entrepreneurs

No one knows what the future holds, but thanks to technology, we can predict what might happen. Vicks Kanagasingam, the COO of Xperanti IOT along with Gopi Ganesalingam the VP of Enterprise Development for MDEC will be peering into the crystal ball to reveal a glimpse of the possible future.

6. It Isn’t Always About The Money

On the 2nd day of the symposium, there will be a workshop that’ll teach you how to strike the balance between a company’s purpose and profit. It’s not an easy task to balance, so they could offer some tips. 

Exciting Happenings That Require No Payment

As a cherry on top of the cake, the E-Nation Symposium also has some offerings for free that any budding entrepreneur could get excited about.

1. How To Build A Successful Business

The symposium will start off with a keynote from Datin Vivy Sofinas Yusof. She is the co-founder of Fashion Valet and dUCk Group. She will be talking about her experience as a fashionpreneur and on how she became a successful businesswoman. The hall will likely fill up fast, so you might have to drop by early and grab your seat.

2. Don’t Discount Creative Entrepreneurship

In a study back in 2012 done by students of HELP University, they mentioned the lack of marketing may be one of the reasons why local movies are not doing well compared to Hollywood blockbusters.

Mohd Nizam Abd Razak, the CEO of Animosta Studios is one of the members of the panels for the talk, for those that do not know, Animosta Studios is the production company for the animated movie BoBoiBoy. Mohd Nizam told us that The BoBoiBoy Movie 2 raked in RM30 million in the box office throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

If you’re a fan of Cicakman, the CEO of Kru Studios, Dato’ Norman Abdul Halim will be present at the panel as well.

3. Esports Is The Future Of Gaming

With Malaysia pushing to be the hub of esports in Asia, everyone should be paying attention to the esports scene. The global esports scene will reportedly hit RM4.4 billion in 2019 and there will be a panel sharing insights into this. 

4. Check Out Mobile Gaming Competitions

For the ones that are looking to spill a little digital blood, there are two gaming events on the fourth and last day of the symposium. There will be a PUBG Mobile event and a Mobile Legend League Tournament. You might even discover that some popular entrepreneurs are secretly hardcore gamers.

5. Stroll Around The Career Fair

Image Credit: MaGIC Cyberjaya

On the last day of the symposium, there’s a career fair that starts at 10 AM and ends at 5 PM. It’s not just for people looking for opportunities–you can take a walk around and see what’s on offer on the market and what sorts of businesses are actively hiring. 

  • The E-Nation Symposium will be starting on the 30th of October and end on the 2nd of November. You can also check the schedule here.
  • You can find out more about MaGIC here.
  • You can also purchase the tickets for E-Nation here.

Featured Image Credit: MaGIC Cyberjaya

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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