With K-Pop and anime both mega on the global stage, and having a massive backing from fans, it could prove difficult to separate the two.

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Published 2019-10-21 09:57:15

Most people around the world, and especially those reading this article, will have heard of both K-Pop and anime, and it’s now becoming more common for the two to be compared, for apparent reasons. With K-Pop and anime both mega on the global stage, and having a massive backing from fans, it could prove difficult to separate the two.

K-Pop originated in South Korea, and after being a success locally, took to the world stage and instantly became a global phenomenon. In its purest form, K-Pop is a genre of music which embraces and includes influences from other types to create a unique style and sound.

When you combine the music with the colour and costumes typical of K-Pop, you begin to see where the comparisons with anime arise. It’s this which provides K-Pop with the wow factor, allowing it to develop a considerable following around the world, both online and offline.

Anime, on the other hand, originated in Japan, with the word anime developed by people living outside of the country. Anime is cartoons and animations created in Japan, but they, of course, have a unique style, and this is what has set anime apart from other types of animations and cartoons produced around the world. Due to its success, anime has managed to have an impact worldwide and influences multiple types of entertainment.

Comic books inspired by anime, also known as Manga, proved to be very successful. Anime has also been the inspiration behind all forms of entertainment. From Sony Playstation video games and online slot titles offered by Royal Vegas CA, to Amazon Prime TV shows and movies. Today, this influence is more significant than ever, and still growing. So, how do K-Pop and anime compare? Especially when they’re both considered heavyweights in pop culture today?

K-Pop and anime are hugely successful, and this has come about from them both following similar paths from the very beginning. K-Pop made it big in South Korea before expanding its reach, and anime did the same in Japan. After they both generated huge followings and popularity locally, they were prepared to take on the world, and this has undoubtedly been the case in both instances.

Both K-Pop and anime have proven themselves capable of moving with the times too, embracing the latest technology and trends, and again it’s difficult not to see the two as equals in this respect. Everything is happening in the online world now, and both K-Pop and anime excel in this arena, especially on YouTube. Therefore, leading to both being able to attract new generations of fans too, something vital for continued success.

The bottom line is that both are hugely influential, and in their circles as well as on the global stage. There are differences between the two, which is always going to be the case, but K-Pop and anime have proven to be the inspiration behind multiple forms of entertainment and culture. Their most significant impact is now in the online arena, where the two are respected heavyweights.

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