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  • Origin Sleep is a mattress brand based in Germany that’s just bringing their product into Singapore & Malaysia.
  • Designed in Germany, the Origin Hybrid Mattress comes with some unique features – cooling gel memory foam on top of supportive pocket springs.
  • It’s a bed-in-a-box at a very attractive price point – $399 for the Single, and $599 for the Queen.
  • Besides offering a 120-Night Trial, Origin also provides 2-Hour express delivery for its mattresses.
  • Order online at their website: https://originmattress.com.sg

Homeowners shopping for mattresses – here is a mattress that provides incredible value at a highly affordable price point. The German-Designed Origin Hybrid Mattress promises a cool and comfortable sleep experience. If it doesn’t suit you, simply let them know within 120 Days and they’ll take the mattress back and provide a full refund.

A Hybrid design, our review of the Origin Mattress finds its unique combination of features highly appealing to those who like a medium-firm mattress. At just $599 for a Queen Mattress, the mattress comes packed with features that make it a very competitive choice. With their 2-Hour Express Delivery and 120-Night Trial, it makes Origin Mattress a strong option for most individuals.

Our Review – Real customers and consideration points

In our review of the Origin Hybrid Mattress, we try to provide an objective, unbiased opinion of the mattress, based on actual customer feedback and our own experience with the mattress.

Our Experience With the Origin Hybrid Mattress

A trip down to their showroom gave us a chance to try out the mattress for ourselves. Like what it claims on their website, the Origin Mattress truly gives a unique, comforting sleeping experience. Compared to traditional mattresses with singular density and support throughout the mattress, the Hybrid design meant that the memory foam allowed us to sink into the mattress, while being supported by pocket springs deeper into the mattress. For lovers of memory foam mattresses, this might be the ideal choice as the Origin Mattress gives the same feel of memory foam, with greater support. After sitting and bouncing a little on the mattress, we do feel that the Origin Hybrid Mattress has very minimal disturbance across the mattress – a great point of consideration for those sleeping with partners.

“Firmer than expected. I bought this mattress for myself and my husband after alot of research on the best kind to get. I was a little scared to purchase a mattress online without trying, but I Went for this one mainly because of the price and a friend’s opinion. The mattress is firm but not in the usual way – it’s soft on the upper layers but when you sink into it, you can feel that the springs are providing a firm support. It’s hard to describe but my husband normally doesn’t like firm mattresses, but he loves the origin mattress.” – Adeline Chua Origin Mattress Customer

Our experience with other memory foam mattresses has been mixed – some can get hot after lying for some time, others sink too much. The Origin Mattress solves both these issues with a layer of cooling gel memory foam, and internal pocket springs. Because of its construct, the mattress also relieves pressure of the lower back and neck, a plus point for those with sleeping pains. 

“I used to have minor back aches when sleeping on my old bed but I no longer have them now after switching to the origin mattress. Am very happy with my purchase.” – Jacob T. Origin Mattress Customer

All in all, our experience with the Origin Hybrid Mattress has been truly good – superbly comfortable, highly affordable. Its quality and feel are comparable to many of the 4-digit mattresses we’ve tried. We left the showroom with only one question – With such great mechanics and quality, would Origin increase the prices in the future?

Inside The Origin Hybrid Mattress

For those more detail oriented, it might help your decision to know what’s inside the Origin Mattress.

At the top is a breathable Tencel cover – a material that’s nice to the touch, and is a key feature that makes the mattress cooler. With Tencel, the mattress is able to ventilate better as compared to other materials. The next layer is a latex layer, which provides for a firmer support as compared to pure memory foam. Apart from being much denser and bouncier than memory foam, latex is also excellent at keeping heat off. Coming next is the cooling gel memory foam, which works together with the latex and Tencel layer to effectively keep you cool while you sleep – incredibly important in Singapore’s hot weather.

Below the cooling layers is what Origin calls an Edgeguard design which is an innovative solution to memory foam mattresses frequently having soft sides – a problem if you like to sit at the side of your mattress. The Edgeguard holds the mattress firm at the sides. The next layer is the Origin® Reflex Support Layer, a llayer that’s a proprietary blend of latex and high-rebound foam, forming the point of contact between the lower layers of pocket springs. Lastly, we have the pocket springs, made with the highest quality materials that’s long lasting and works to keep motion on the mattress quietly isolated.

How Much Does the Origin Mattress Cost?

The Origin Mattress is truly affordable, coming at $399 for a Single, and $899 for a King.

Single: $399
Super Single: $499
Queen: $599
King: $899

Delivery & Service

Origin Mattress has excellent service guarantees. For those looking to order the mattress online, they provide a free 2-Hour Delivery service, so you’re able to receive your mattress within 2 hours. They also offer a 15-Year Warranty, and a 120-Night trial, so you can rest assured that your purchase, if it doesn’t suit you, is able to be fully refunded at no cost to you.

Our Final Verdict

Our final verdict for the Origin Mattress is that it’s a great buy for its price! With the array of comfort technologies in the Hybrid Mattress, as well as the great service, it’s a highly suitable mattress for most!

Order the Hybrid Mattress at: https://originmattress.com.sg/product/origin-hybrid-mattress/

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