Along with passengers, pilots on Singapore Airlines flights have also switched from disposable paper cups to reusable ones.

Alanna Tan  |  Singapore
Published 2019-11-07 16:28:01

The next time you fly with Singapore Airlines (SIA), you’ll be creating less waste on your flight.

According to a Straits Times report, SIA has done away with single-use plastics for all their straws and drink stirrers.

Instead, passengers now receive bamboo stirrers and paper straws for their drinks.

Becoming “entirely plastic straw-free” was a goal that the airline previously said it aimed to hit by September 2019.

“These changes will reduce about 820,000 plastic straws each year,” SIA said.

Along with items used by passengers, pilots have also gotten a switch from disposable paper cups to reusable ones in a bid to reduce waste.

Managing Food Waste And Emissions

On top of plastic waste, SIA has been tackling sustainability in many other areas, such as managing its food waste, electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

The airline started a “Farm-To-Plane” concept since 2017, and has been working with its catering partner SATS to source produce from local suppliers such as vertical farms.

After passengers have their meals, food waste can be directly disposed of via eco-digesters on site. SIA also gathers data on passenger consumption patterns to reduce food waste.

To tackle carbon emissions, the airline employs a fleet renewal strategy to replace older Airbuses with more fuel-efficient planes such as Boeing 787 jets.

Beyond their airplanes, SIA Group is turning to solar energy to make up about 18% of its electricity use in its head office, and rainwater for 12% of water consumption.

Featured Image Credit: Airways Magazine

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