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There have been a number of generic names used by various companies, but perhaps none as frequent as the word ‘beam’.

Right off the bat, you can probably name a few businesses that go by ‘beam’, or have ‘beam’ somewhere in their name.

Curious to see just how many there were in Malaysia, we made a Google search and easily found 5 of them, so here they are.


Image Credit: BEAMSTART

BEAMSTART was actually initially called BEAM or B.E.A.M, which came from their first event, ‘Bridging Entrepreneurs Across Malaysia’.

It was only this August that it rebranded, after its CEO, Kenneth Ho, told us that there were just too many companies using the same generic name.

Despite its name change, however, BEAMSTART still operates in the same exact way. It’s a social networking platform for businesses that was founded in 2015.

Currently, it uses machine learning to identify and match talent with relevant companies in its database, and can even match businesses with investors.

However, it has had a slight shift in focus. Where it used to focus heavily on community activities surrounding the startup space, today it focuses more on the SME (traditional businesses and brick & mortar) space.


Image Credit: ORANGEBEAM Berhad

On a more industrial note, ORANGEBEAM is a company that’s an award-winning builder.

According to its website, it is one of the few builders in Malaysia that has expertise in the highly specialised sector of developing ports, jetties, wharf, yards, and access bridges.

Founded in 1998, it has since completed construction projects worth a total of about RM13.1 billion.

But ORANGEBEAM doesn’t only construct ports and maritime infrastructure, it’s also developed data centres, luxury residences, and helped with high-rise developments.

Some familiar names of high-rise buildings that ORANGEBEAM was involved in developing are KL Eco City, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, and Bangsar Shopping Centre.

3. Beam

Image Credit: Beam

This Beam is from Singapore, and it was launched in July 2018 by CEO Alan Jiang, and CTO Deb Gangopadhyay.

It’s an e-scooter company, and just this year, it entered Malaysia to provide an alternative form of transportation.

To use the scooters, you need to download the app, locate a scooter, unlock it, and ride it. You’ll have to pay RM1.50 to unlock a scooter, and it costs RM0.45 for every minute of riding.*

*Editor’s Update: The pricing has been edited to reflect accuracy.

It’s only located within the city, and has technology that automatically limits its speed or stops it entirely in restricted zones.

While you don’t have to park your scooter anywhere specific since there is a tracking system in place, you do get rewarded with RM1 rebate when you park at designated spots highlighted by the app.

4. Beamformer Sdn Bhd

Image Credit: Beamformer

When you visit Beamformer’s website, the first sentence you’ll see is “We build your clinics and hospitals”.

It’s been operational since 1997, but was formerly known as BioMed Enterprise. Beamformer is a consultant in architectural floor plan design and renovation or construction for new hospitals and clinics.

Besides that, it also sells medical products such as medical equipment, furniture and instruments, consumables and disposables, and laboratory equipment.

To date, it has helped doctors and healthcare service providers in setting up more than 200 clinics and 4 hospitals throughout Malaysia.

Some of the clinics and hospitals it has helped to set up may be familiar to many of us, with names such as Klinik Mediviron and Pusrawi, to name a few.


Image Credit: BEAM

BEAM is a coffee roastery café that combines local and western coffee culture. It serves specialty coffee beans, distributes its coffee beans, and carries out coffee workshops.

At its café, you’ll also find local delights like cakes and pastries. It is located in the industrial neighbourhood of Bandar Sri Damansara.

Started in 2014 by two passionate coffee roasters, Skye and Yean, BEAM aspires to preserve the Malaysian tradition of drinking kopi with local bites while also offering a range of premium grade Specialty Coffee in its brew bar.

The types of coffee you can get from BEAM are single origin, blend, filter, and espresso. These can come in various tasting notes such as chocolate, floral, honey, caramel, or even herb, amongst several others.

Besides whole coffee beans, BEAM also sells ground coffee which can be used for espresso, Aeropress, drip, or French press coffee.

6. BEAM Space*

BEAM Space is a storage solution that was started in Singapore, but launched in Malaysia in 2017.

What it enables users to do is store items without visiting a warehouse, as its concierge would pick up your items to be stored in its storage space.

On its app, you can schedule a pickup or delivery of your items with as short of a notice of 4 hours.

According to its website, you have 2 choices of storage options: storage by item, and storage by space. If you don’t have too many items to store away, you can opt for the first option, while storage by space is for those who need a larger space for more items.

*Editor’s Note: We originally stated that we weren’t sure if BEAM Space was still operational because we initially were unable to get in touch with them. However, its CEO and founder Jason Giambona has since reached out to Vulcan Post to clarify that BEAM Space is still operational in Malaysia and Singapore. Thus, the article has been edited to reflect accuracy.

Featured Image Credit: BEAMSTART / BEAM

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