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Earlier this year, I was a fresh graduate looking for employment. I tried my luck on a few platforms, but openings for writers there were limited, and I didn’t bother to try out more platforms.

This ended up wasting more time than necessary. If I had applied to more jobs on more platforms, I would have had a higher response rate and more employment opportunities.

Sticking to popular job-hunting platforms like WOBB, JobStreet or Monster is reasonable, but there are other options out there as well.

On the popular platforms, competition might be high and getting noticed is more difficult. Besides, employers generally would post up job openings on several platforms at once.

After all, casting one’s net wide applies not only to job-seekers but employers too, especially if they’re really looking for the right fit.

So, here are 10 lesser-known job-hunting platforms in Malaysia that you can check out to widen your net.

1. Careerjet

It lays it all out for you

On its website, Careerjet states that it has over 73,500 jobs posted in Malaysia. Careerjet scans over 58,000 websites every day to identify job listings from all over the internet that might not be easily found, which it will then add to its own job index.

If you’re not sure what job titles you’re looking for exactly, or if you fear that you’ll miss out on some jobs by using the wrong keywords, Careerjet lets you search for jobs by industry. You can also search for jobs by location, which covers all our states and federal territories. On its app, you’ll find the exact same features.

2. FastJobs

Job listings in a larger font so you don’t miss out on interesting ones

FastJobs doesn’t have as extensive a selection as Careerjet, with only about 3,900 jobs within Malaysia on its website. It was founded in 2015 in Singapore, and it claims to be the leading non-executive mobile job platform.

Its focus is not on employers looking to fill up executive positions within their company or employees looking for high-ranking jobs. Instead, it’s dedicated to the blue-collar and casual workforce. If you want to constantly keep up to date with your applications on the platform, you can download its app too.

3. Indeed

Pretty bare-bones, but preferable to platforms riddled with too many visuals

On Indeed, you’ll find over 45,500 job openings in Malaysia, with the usual options like full-time, part-time, and internship. However, you can also look for volunteering openings as well as commission based ones and even apprenticeships.

One benefit of this platform is the fact that you can actually see how responsive an employer is, as we all know how annoying it is to be left clueless about the status of your application. It also has an app so you can job-hunt on the go.

4. JobsMalaysia

Our very own government-launched job-hunting platform

Launched in May 2002, JobsMalaysia is an automated online job matching system provided by the Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR). Anyone can use the platform to post a job opening or to seek jobs at the cost of nothing.

In the first half of 2019 alone, almost 700,000 job vacancies were posted up on the website. It’s expected that it would have such a large database, but do be warned that the site itself isn’t too user-friendly as you’d have to go to Advanced Search to even be able to filter your searches. Likewise, its app hasn’t garnered too many positive reviews for usability.

5. JobStore

What its home page looks like

JobStore has almost 20,000 job openings listed in its site in Malaysia alone. When you click on the ‘Search Jobs’ button, you’ll be brought to a page with a search box that has a drop-down filtering system.

The way information in each listing is presented is very neat and easy to view once you click into it, which makes it very clear what each job requires from you. Besides also having an app, JobStore has a blog where it posts relevant articles about careers and the like.

6. MyStarjob.com

Not just for jobs under Star Media Group, by the way

MyStarJob.com leverages on Star Media Group’s integrated media platform to bring both job seekers and employers employment solutions.

Its career options are rather limited, so finding a job may be a little harder on MyStarJob.com unless you’re looking for a career in common industries like accounting, administration, and construction, for examples. There’s also a career test called Jobgraphy where you can gain insight on your personality as well as which careers will best suit you.

7. Recruit.net

Straight to the point with their objective

On Recruit.net, there are currently about 22,632 jobs in Malaysia available for your perusal. The way the UI looks when you search for a job almost resembles Google Scholar, which is great if you like a simple and clean layout.

As for its search function, it provides all the basic features, but one way it’s slightly different is that it gives you the option of searching for jobs via the alphabet. For example, selecting the letter ‘E’ will bring up every job title that starts with that letter, so in case you’re not sure about the exact title you should be searching for, this should help cover all your bases.

8. Ricebowl.my

One of the more colourful platforms in this listicle

Ricebowl.my is a platform that caters mainly to English and Chinese speakers. It lists out both job vacancies in the government and private sectors.

For job seekers, you can search for a job by location, country (Malaysia and Singapore), category, and company, aside from the usual features that most other job-hunting platforms (including itself) have. You can also filter your results to see only employers who are fast responders.

9. SlingApp

That’s us!

SlingApp is slightly different from the others on the list as it’s an app-only platform. It’s sort of like Tinder for job-hunting (but isn’t the first of its kind), whereby you can swipe left or right through jobs and connect with recruiters located nearby.

It doesn’t function on formal resumes and instead asks for short profile descriptions where you reveal only what’s necessary for you to get hired. If your profile details match the job requirements, SlingApp’s AI will set you up for an interview.

10. You.my

It doesn’t offer much, but it still gets the job done

If you’re looking for a job on You.my, you’ll probably notice that there aren’t many jobs here. In total, there are only about 385 jobs. The website also doesn’t reveal the employers behind the job listings until you actually click into them (but you can still search for a specific company and see listings they posted).

Perhaps this is to prevent user bias towards certain companies, but if you’re desperate for employment, you probably aren’t too particular about it. While it’s technically a job-hunting platform, it’s not one that will facilitate your hiring process. It simply shows you the job requirements and provides you with the email address of the recruiter so you can directly contact them.


With the new year dawning upon us, some of us might be looking for a fresh start with our careers.

Some of us may have just graduated, and are looking for our first proper job.

Whichever category you fall under, I sincerely wish you the best on your job-hunting, so go forth and claim that job that’s waiting for you!

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