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The unsung heroes in the office are those who quietly get things done, making sure that the business wheels run smoothly. 

They often operate under the radar and behind the scenes, helping to make the impossible possible. 

While they might not be bringing in the big contracts or working on important projects, they carry their weight in other subtle yet significant ways. 

1. Admin

Administrative professionals comprise roles like executive assistants, personal assistants, administration staff and secretaries. 

According to a survey conducted by Zyllem, 93% of office workers in Singapore believe that admin professionals are the unsung heroes of businesses. 

More than half (64%) of the respondents admitted to taking them for granted, expecting them to go the extra mile and perform tasks beyond their official job scope. Often times, admin professionals go beyond the call of duty to perform tasks like making coffee for meetings, or cancelling lunch meetings that you don’t wish to attend on your behalf. 

They act as the backbone of the company — constantly anticipating employee needs, keeping the office well-stocked, and ensuring that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. 

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2. IT professionals 

Information technology (IT) professionals are the true MVPs of the company. They pave the digital infrastructure, guard networks and maintain operating systems for everyone in the office. 

To put it simply, they hold down the digital fort and make sure that the technology infrastructure runs seamlessly so most of us hardly give them a second thought. 

With so much of the business living online, including valuable information and daily work functions, IT professionals undoubtedly play a critical role. 

However, people fail to realise how essential IT professionals are until things actually go wrong. If your computer crashes, or when the network’s down, they are the ones who will help you smooth over any glitch. 

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3. Human resources

The human resources (HR) department does more than just “hire and fire”. They’re at the frontlines of some core business functions — from staffing and recruiting, to ensuring that the needs of existing employees are met. 

That said, HR does not simply sit around after hiring and getting the new employees settled into their roles and duties. Instead, they are constantly working to improve the quality of work life by creating and implementing programmes and policies such as annual leave, flexible allowance and other employee benefits. 

The HR department is also important because they are the ones who keep employees grounded by maintaining employee satisfaction, set the work culture and even maintain workplace atmosphere. 

Often times, they help to resolve conflict and manage disputes that occur within the workplace. They act as the ‘middleman’ between the management and employees, or even among employees themselves. 

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4. Accounting and finance 

Businesses run on money, and the finance department is in charge of keeping the company’s cash flow in check. If the money is not managed, then the business will also be out of control. 

A finance person’s responsibilities include bookkeeping, managing company funds, drafting budgets, tax management as well as financial reporting. These make up for a huge responsibility because the performance and success of any company greatly depend on how well the finance is handled. 

Despite their importance, their role is often taken for granted. They may not be the driving force like the sales department, or possess the innovation of the engineering team; but without finance, there is no revenue, profit, invoices and paycheques. 

While what they do may seem boring and mundane, it is exactly what they do that lets you earn a paycheque at the end of the month. 

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5. Cleaner 

Everyone takes a clean office for granted, but no one truly understands the amount of work and effort that goes behind it. When we come in to work the next morning, all we know is that our dirty cups are washed, our trash bins are emptied, and our tables and floors are clean. 

Office cleaners are the silent, kind souls who take no credit for their work. They unfortunately don’t get much spotlight and are often treated as invisible in the workplace, but the work they do is important. 

First impressions are critical when you’re meeting clients or business associates in your office. Welcoming them into an office that is dusty and disorganised will not only hinder their confidence, but theirs in you. 

Moreover, since you spend a lot of time in the office, it’s important that your office environment is clean and hygienic. Working in a dirty and dusty office can trigger health problems, and when employees fall sick, germs can easily spread and manifest. 

Above all, a clean workspace helps to increase your efficiency and productivity so you can bring out the best in your work. 

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This article first appeared on Workforce Singapore (WSG). Look for your next job here!

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