4 Jobs Which Will Be Fully Automated in the Future

Artificial Intelligence is overtaking the world big time. However, it is not like James Cameron envisioned it in his Terminator movies. Instead, it is a job disruption which is created by AI’s superior results in various walks of life.

As you probably know by now, AI is doing much better job than humans when it comes to jobs where speed of execution is paramount. Imagine a car mechanic trying to find the problem without a diagnostic tool. It would take him ages for a task which AI would complete in a fraction of a second.

Similarly, AI does an excellent job when it comes to operational ability and accuracy. Just picture a person whose job is to verify that all players registering at an online casino have provided accurate data. That man would quickly lose his mind and the casino’s day-to-day operations will be completely halted.

That’s why it has become common sense to think whether your job will survive the AI wave of change before that change actually happens. Here are 4 jobs which are at the highest risk of being fully automated in the future.


The job of real flesh and blood telemarketers is already being taken over by AI. If you live in a developed country, chances are that you have already received at least one call from a robot.

What’s more, telemarketers are universally hated by everyone. So even at the risk of being slightly malevolent, the fact that they will be replaced by robots is likely to cheer a lot of people up. Furthermore, people might also appreciate the change so much that the conversion rates of telemarketers might even increase from the abysmal 10% that human operators are currently achieving to something more acceptable. 


Bookkeepers should fret about their jobs too. This is because there is already a lot of readily available software that provides bookkeeping services to companies.

When you consider how much easier and more affordable it is to make a onetime payment and purchase the software instead of paying a person his/her monthly salary, this change becomes a no-brainer.


This job is definitely going to be taken over by AI and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see why. First of all, one of the main jobs of a receptionist, scheduling, can be performed a thousand times better by AI than by a human being.

Secondly, automated phone secretaries are so present everywhere around us, that we are sure that they do their job properly and it would take little to no getting used to them.

Finally, there are a lot of companies which simply don’t use the office-wide phone system anymore, so an automated receptionist is the only viable option for them.


This will be taken over by drones and robots so quickly that you would think that delivery was always fully automated. Even today most of the jobs that used to be done by people in the delivery industry are being replaced by robots.

Robot couriers will be more efficient, faster and will never deliver the wrong package. This is enough to convince even us, staunch believers that humans should keep their jobs, to turn a blind eye on this one.

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