These Are The Top Companies In S'pore To Work For, According To Glassdoor

There are many factors one has to take into consideration before accepting a job offer.

Beyond a decent salary, company culture is also something that job-seekers of today view as an important aspect to consider before signing on a contract.

But while factors like salary or HR benefits are tangible in the sense that they are clearly defined in writing, culture is something that one can only experience when they are already in the company.

Culture, like the people that influence it, is also constantly evolving so a company that perhaps started with a ‘great’ culture could go to the pits in a matter of years, or even months!

Unless you have a contact in the company you’re eyeing, however, getting an ‘insight from the inside’ is pretty much impossible.

This is where Glassdoor, which lets former and current employees rate and review their working experience, comes in.

Glassdoor has just released its first edition of “Best Places to Work in Singapore”, and here’s the list alongside their rating (out of 5) and what some reviewers had to say.


A Google Sales Manager (Singapore), states factors like “[having] clear goals”, “free events” and a “friendly environment” as pros, while a Google Product Marketing Manager (Singapore) shared that working at the tech giant inspires feelings of “[being] empowered” and is also an “open, collaborative, satisfying, joyful” experience.

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A Facebook Software Engineering Manager (Singapore) mentions in a review that the firm “takes care of the employees” and that there is “lots of room to grow”.

A number of Glassdoor reviews also mention “good benefits” as a pro of working at Facebook.

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According to a former Component Landscape Manager (Singapore), Shell is a “employee oriented company”.

For those looking for a cushy paycheck, reviews do suggest that Shell also provides “competitive compensation” and “great bonus and add-on benefits”.

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A Program Manager (Singapore) wrote that beyond a good salary, Amazon also has “great people”, while a Risk Manager (Singapore) says that the ecommerce giant has a “fun culture”.

Work-wise, a Senior Human Resources Business Partner (Singapore) added that there are “tons of opportunities”, while a Senior Cloud Architect (Singapore) said that there’s “lots to learn” from the firm.

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According to a Solution Sales Specialist (Singapore), Microsoft is an “amazing place” for those who like working in teams “in a highly dynamic environment with fast evolving technology”.

A Business Operations Manager (Singapore) also mentioned that Microsoft has a “great culture with people that are supportive”.

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Visa Inc.

A Staff Software Engineer (Singapore) shared that Visa has “great people with lot of knowledge”, while an anonymous employee said that he/she also got to work with “incredibly intelligent people”.

Another anonymous employee revealed that Visa doesn’t just provide “good benefits and compensation”, it also has a “good number of leaves and medical coverage”.

  • Interested in getting a job at Visa? Check out their open positions here.


A review from a Financial Advisor (Singapore) revealed some pros of the firm include “flexible working hours” along with a “positive working culture with friendly and helpful management”.

A former employee who chose to remain anonymous added that the firm also has a “willingness to embrace and adapt to changes”.

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A Customer Support Specialist (Singapore) at HubSpot said that he/she always felt like his/her job was being valued, and that “leadership focuses a lot on the personal development of all employees”.

A Marketing Manager (Singapore) even went so far as to say that HubSpot is “one of the best companies [he/she] has worked at”, with an “amazing culture” and salary and benefits which are “above market standards”.

  • Interested in getting a job at HubSpot? Check out their open positions here.

J.P. Morgan

A Vice President (Singapore) shared that J.P. Morgan “offers a lot of opportunities for employees of all levels to progress or to learn new skills and products”, while another anonymous review added that there are “great opportunities for networking and connecting”.

As expected of a banking firm, a good salary is also a commonly-mentioned perk of working at J.P. Morgan.

  • Interested in getting a job at J.P. Morgan? Check out their open positions here.

HP Inc.

A quick browse through HP Inc.’s Glassdoor reviews suggests that the firm offers a good work-life balance for its employees.

An Engineer (Singapore) also shared that HP has a “strong (…) people-oriented culture [with] trust and respect in place”. A Business Operations manager (Singapore) even went so far as to say that there is “no politics”!

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Of course, it can be argued that because the reviews are given anonymously, and there is no way to verify if the person reviewing is/was an employee, there could be ‘troll’ accounts created solely to defame, or on the flipside, give false praise. So it would be wise to take the results with a pinch of salt.

Do you agree with the list, or do you think another company deserves the mention more? Let us know!

Featured Image Credit: The Men’s Cave

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