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For some of us, a new year might mark a new job, especially if we want a fresh start in our careers.

Others might simply be looking for their first job ever, hoping that they’ll be able to get hired as soon as possible.

Thankfully, job portals nowadays make it so easy for us to be up to date with every new open position a company puts up on their platform.

One of these job portals is WOBB, and for December, they’ve highlighted 10 companies who have multiple empty seats that they want filled up for 2020.

Here are 10 of them listed alphabetically, and the number of open positions for each company is accurate at the time of writing.

1. Biji-biji Initiative

Biji-biji Initiative is a social enterprise made up of a community of designers, makers, prototypers, artists and innovators.

Image Credit: Biji-biji Initiative

With every project they do, they aim to make a positive impact by reducing waste, raising awareness, campaign for more transparency and accountability, promoting the circular economy, and advising individuals, groups and organisations on how they can make changes too.

They have 8 job roles up for grabs, though most of them consist of intern positions ranging from sales to business development.

The only full-time position is as a Sales and Marketing Manager, and there’s a spot for a freelance tailor/seamstress too.

Find out more about your new potential job here.

2. dahmakan

If you’re an avid fan of getting food delivered to you, you may have tried dahmakan at least once.

Image Credit: dahmakan

Nonetheless, if you’re not sure what they do, they’re basically a foodtech startup that combines centralised, large-scale production with deep customer data, machine learning, and talented chefs for an award-winning food delivery experience.

dahmakan has 8 open positions as well, ranging from Accounts Executive to Logistics Operations Executive and even a Senior Procurement Executive role.

Find out more about your new potential job here.

3. Freeman Woo & Team – MIP Properties

Freeman Woo is a senior real estate negotiator and a team manager for MIP Properties, which is a property agency.

Image Credit: MIP Properties

MIP Properties deals with the buying, renting, selling and leasing of property, particularly within Mont Kiara. They can also provide real estate consultations, and have won multiple awards for their work.

There are 23 jobs for the taking, with a majority of them being Real Estate Negotiator and Property Agent positions.

Find out more about your new potential job here.

4. Hiredly

Hiredly represents WOBB’s headhunting arm. In essence, they are a recruitment firm.

Image Credit: Hiredly

Their objective is to match employers with the right candidates and vice versa, and their services are specialised in recruiting junior and mid-level talents.

On their WOBB profile page, you’ll see 68 job listings, but they’re all posted on the behalf of their clients who are hiring.

These jobs come in a wide variety, from Optometrist to Mechanical Engineer, so you’re bound to find something that will suit you.

Find out more about your new potential job here.

5. Lazada Malaysia

Lazada’s probably one of your favourite e-commerce sites, so you know how it works for consumers, but what about behind-the-scenes?

Image Credit: Lazada

If you’re interested in getting involved with its operations, there are 10 jobs for you to choose from, ranging from Social Media Content Specialist to Data Analyst.

Find out more about your new potential job here.

6. Lumos

Lumos is a company that created the world’s first smart bicycle helmet with integrated lights, brakes, and turn signals.

Image Credit: Lumos

It launched on Kickstarter in 2015 and raised over US$800,000 during its campaign. In 2018, it became the first helmet to be sold at the Apple Store, and is now in over 300 Apple Stores in the west.

You have the choice of 9 jobs to pick from at Lumos, and some examples are Accountant and Bookkeeper, Front-end Developer, and Head of Sales and Marketing.

Find out more about your new potential job here.

7. Omniraise

Omniraise is a marketing and fundraising agency working for high-profile, blue-chip NGOs in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and most recently, Hong Kong.

Image Credit: Omniraise

They specialise in events, roadshows, or face to face marketing and telephone marketing, which are two main channels for raising funds from the public across Asia today.

There are 6 open roles at Omniraise across different departments like telemarketing, HR and face to face sales.

Find out more about your new potential job here.

8. Tapestry Malaysia

Tapestry Malaysia is a global house of luxury brands and it currently carries three: Coach, Kate Spade, and Stuart Weitzman.

Image Credit: Tapestry Malaysia

If you’re passionate about fashion, they’re looking for individuals to fulfil their 7 available job roles, with the majority of them being sales associate roles at different branches.

Find out more about your new potential job here.


Founded in 2014, job portal WOBB itself is hiring too.

Image Credit: WOBB

With their mobile technology, they’re positioning themselves as an alternative to old fashioned traditional web based job platforms that haven’t evolved for many years.

There are 11 open positions at WOBB, ranging from Recruitment Consultant to HR and Admin Executive, with several internship roles too.

Find out more about your new potential job here.

10. WorkerzDIRECT

WorkerzDIRECT works with governments, telecommunication companies, financial services providers and the community to create social impact in the countries they operate in.

By using technology, they aim to improve everything from the hiring of migrant workers to remittances and financial services across Asia.

On WOBB, they’ve listed out 9 open job positions which include Software Developer, Project Manager and Mobile Developer.

Find out more about your new potential job here.


This list is definitely not exhaustive, and there are a whole lot more companies who are hiring, even if the number of jobs they’ve put up aren’t as plentiful.

If you’re going to take some time during the end-of-year holidays to do some intense job searching, we at Vulcan Post sincerely wish you all the best in your efforts.

Snatch up that job and get that bread—make 2020 your year!

Featured Image Credit: Lazada

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