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With the COVID-19 numbers going above 900 positive cases and two deaths from the virus, we’d want to limit our movements outside and also our interactions with others.

But that can be difficult when you see others caught up in a frenzy of panic buying and a spiral of negativity.

For most of us, we don’t want to take all the necessary precautions but end up infected because of too-close contact with a cashier or infected money. Making payments fast, easy and contactless is a key step to minimise our risk. Delivery services also play a key role at this point in time.

This is what Boost is trying to do, giving users the option to pay for necessities all through an app so you can keep you and your family safe.

To help reduce the financial burden of their users, they’re also offering cashback and discounts when you pay using Boost as part of their #BoostGotYou campaign.

Boost is an e-wallet app that can be used to pay bills, make online or offline purchases, top-up your mobile account and pay for parking.

1. Get Free Life Insurance

With the growing concerns on the impact of the virus, Under the Boost Care Initiative, Boost partnered up with Prudential, to offer free life insurance with special COVID-19 coverage. The enrolment period ends on April 15.

Update 30/3/2020: We’ve amended the enrolment period according to the latest information from Boost.

Get free life insurance with Boost

There are a few criteria that you’ll have to pass to be eligible:

  • Be a Boost Premium Verified User (Identification Verified),
  • Between the age of 18 to 55,
  • Not under any other Prudential life insurance.

We asked Boost whether it applies only to Boost e-Tunai users, but they assured us any Boost user can enrol, but success depends on eligibility and limited to the first 200K enrolments.

Check your eligibility and enrol for the free life insurance here.

2. Get Your Food And Drink On From The Comfort Of Your Home

So, what do you do if you run out of groceries? You can’t rely on just eating Maggi for the whole two weeks.

Well, you can, but that’s probably not the best choice to keep your diet so limited, especially if you want to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong.

Fortunately, you can still order your food and groceries online, which can then be delivered to you.

Get all your food needs delivered straight to your home.

Through the #BoostGotYou campaign, Boost has partnered up with brands such as dahmakan, DeliverEat, HappyFresh, PotBoy, Hungry, Qoo10 and Drinkies for all your food and drinks. 

For our friends in Sarawak, Boost is also collaborating with Planet Kuching and DeGrocery so you can still get your groceries and food delivered to you.

When you pay for these services using Boost, you’ll get more than just Boost coins. You’ll be able to get 10% cashback of up to RM10*.

*Note: Only applicable to the first 2,000 transactions on each platform and can be redeemed twice per user.

The brands have quite a selection and you don’t have to be at risk and expose yourself in the crowd that’s panic buying, emptying shelves and hoarding toilet paper all for themselves.

3. Get Your Bills Settled Digitally

To relieve some of your bill payments and make payment easier, bills can be paid through Boost. If you’re paying your bills for the first time through Boost, you can even get up to RM20 in cashback.

Settle your bills digitally.

As for new prepaid number users, topping-up through Boost can give you RM3 cashback for 3 months. If you’ve reloaded through Boost before, you can also stand a chance to win RM1,000 if you top-up through the app now.

4. Get Some Electronics To Pass The Time

If you missed out on buying a new game console or new games to fill up your time during this period, you can still do so through PrestoMall, which will be operating as usual.

The site also has an abundance of snacks for you to stock up on so you can game and snack all day long. When you checkout with Boost, you can also get 10% cashback of up to RM10*.

*Note: Only applicable to the first 1,000 transactions on each platform and can only be redeemed once per user.

5. Get To Pampering Yourself

Since we’re stuck at home, we might as well get some self-pampering done.

Watsons is still doing online delivery for goods ranging from male skincare products, daily essentials such as soap, sanitary products and vitamins, and hair colour touchups, so you can still rock that new hair colour, in the comfort of your home.

You can get 10% cashback of up to RM10 when you pay with Boost*.

*Note: Only applicable to the first 1,000 transactions and can only be redeemed once per user.

Caring’s eStore is still operating, so you can still grab your healthcare items online. If you pay with Boost, you’ll get a voucher to redeem a free Netcare Instant Hand Sanitiser on the eStore (campaign ends on March 31).

6. Get Discounts On Game Credits

Just a few days ago, Steam had a record-breaking 20 million users on the platform worldwide, largely thanks to COVID-19 making it necessary for everyone to stay indoors.

For all the gamers, Boost is also offering discounts up to 50% on game credits to keep you sane throughout this period. You can get discounts on game credits such as Asphalt 8, A-Cash, Garena, PlayStation, MyCard, Steam and Razer Gold.

Now that you’re spending more time online, it would also be wise to keep yourself safe with Kaspersky Internet Protection too as Boost is offering it at 5% off.

7. Catch Up With Your K-Dramas

They have more than just K-dramas too.

If you’re all about Viu and chill, you can also pay for your subscription with Boost.

But, Viu is not limited to just K-Dramas, as they have a plethora of other offerings such as HK dramas, Chinese series and even Japanese series. These should last you fairly well if you know what Viu offers.

Boost also offers discounts of up to 33% for users who purchase Viu subscriptions through Boost. From March 21 to May 17, customers who purchase any Viu subscription via Boost can stand a chance to win 3 months free subscription.


If you don’t have a Boost account, set up only takes a minute. All the app needs are your mobile number, email address and your name. After that, you’ll need to set up a passcode for transactions and you are good to go.

The Basic account does limit you to a maximum of RM200 in the account. If you verify your identity, the limit will be raised to RM1,500 instead.

During this vital period, it is best for everyone to hunker down and wait for the virus to blow over. It’s encouraging to see that tech companies are stepping up their game to make this process as painless as possible.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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