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Mobile devices are supposed to make our lives better with built-in cameras, which allow us to take high quality photos, and also a myriad collection of game applications to invoke spirit into our otherwise boring mornings.

Nonetheless, call it irony, but these functions are causing new sets of problems such as jamming our gadgets’ memory space and sucking out the batteries fast and dry.

Such problems may not last too long though, as Singapore company Arqain prepares itself to launch Triden, a multi-purpose USB device capable of storing content from and charging your devices on the go.


Our target audience are people with smartphones or tablets who are always on the move or travels a lot or use their mobile devices frequently, draining out their batteries. We were studying a few cases on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and saw that people are receptive to the idea of charging cables being portable,” Mr K Sudesh Durai, one of the founders, said.

Hence we felt that offering an expandable memory option would solve the problem of having low memory on these devices. Smartphone cameras these days, are getting better and better and we need more space to hold higher resolution images or video.

A quick check by Vulcan Post on crowdfunding site Indiegogo shows that USB all-in-ones are rather popular, with more than 20 similar projects. One of the most successful USB projects was CulCharge, a device which touted itself as the smallest ultrathin charge and data cable ever. It was funded for more than US$94,000.

What sets Triden apart from the rest is its ridiculously sleek design, marked by its signature converging sharp lines. In an age when consumers sometimes value design more than anything else, this could be its selling point. A built in micro SD reader, OTG cable and a flash drive are also included among its arsenal of features.


We do hope that we could get more people to use Triden and that smartphone users would understand the benefits of using Triden. Triden allows them to be always prepared and not be caught without a cable or enough memory when they truly need it,” Mr Sudesh said.

Entering a rapidly growing industry may also be a boon for Arqain. The global market for USB Flash Drives is projected to reach 561 million units by 2018 and one of the reasons behind this push according to a Global Industry Analysts report is the emergence of customised USB models.

Mr Sudesh is optimistic about the future of the USB market, adding that the Arqain is poised to develop its products as the technology progresses over time.


We believe USB devices will still be used and at least remain relevant to travelers, as cloud solutions require Internet connection and we hope to bridge that gap. We do understand that cloud or wireless solutions are progressing fast and we might just look into that too,” Mr Sudesh quipped.

Sony Xperia user, Ms Priya Elangovan, was open to the idea of a multi-purpose USB but highlighted two main concerns: The first being weight, while the other is its compatibility. According to Triden’s website, the product is currently available for selected Samsung, Motorola and HTC devices only.

If I am the kind that carries around tech gadgets, then I would expect whatever other tool I use to be portable and light. I think it’s something everybody has come to expect in the devices they use,”  Ms Priya said.

According to Mr Sudesh, Arqain will be launching a crowdfunding project on either Indiegogo or Kickstarter soon and it is currently looking into development for iOS devices as well.

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