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COVID-19: PM Lee Says There Are 3 Things S'pore Must Do To Exit From The Circuit Breaker

To exit from the circuit breaker, Singapore needs to do three things, PM Lee said.

First, Singapore must open up incrementally, making sure that it is safe each step of the way.

“This is what New Zealand and Germany are beginning to do, very cautiously,” he said.

Second, Singapore needs to scale up testing for Covid-19 substantially, so that new cases that pop up can be detected quickly.

“This we are beginning to do, not only by procuring test kits and equipment from other countries, but also by developing and manufacturing our own test kits.”

Third, Singapore will need to make full use of IT, so that it can trace where Covid-19 cases have been and who they have been in contact with.

PM Lee said: “We have the TraceTogether app, and we are currently developing other apps for this purpose. For these to work, we will need everyone’s cooperation to install and use these apps, like what the South Koreans have done.”

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