Each visiting family can only make one visit a day and no more than two people from the same visiting household are permitted to visit.

Published 2020-05-19 20:46:42

After the circuit breaker ends on June 1, Singaporeans will be allowed to visit their parents or grandparents who are not living with them, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong announced today (May 19).

However, each visiting family is only permitted to make one visit a day.

At any one time, no more than two people from the same visiting household are permitted to visit their parents or grandparents, Mr Gan added.

This is to prevent large gatherings at the seniors’ homes since this age group is more vulnerable to the virus.

The allowance for people to visit their older parents staying elsewhere is part of the first out of three phases of measures that Singapore will implement as it eases out of the circuit breaker.

He emphasised that while their children are allowed to visit them, seniors will still not be allowed to visit their children.

Seniors who do not have children may also have their nieces and nephews visit them on an ‘appeal basis’, he said.

Siblings are also not allowed to visit each other’s homes so as to reduce the spread of the virus.

However, dropping off children at parents’ and grandparents’ homes for childcare reasons will be allowed.

Senior-centric activities, such as group exercises or karaoke, will continue to be suspended.

With more activities and interactions, we are likely to see a rise in new community cases. These restrictions put in place will help reduce the possibility of a sharp increase in cases and prevent large clusters from forming.

Featured Image Credit: Singapore’s Child

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