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The MCO and consecutively the CMCO and RMCO has forced many Malaysians to WFH (work from home) and that means IT teams as well.

When you’re at the office, getting access to the hardware is easy and it’s just usually a few steps away.

But now that we’re all restricted to working from home, gaining physical access to the office servers would mean that you have to drive from home to the office, which might not even have reopened yet.

So VSTECS Sdn Bhd, a local distributor for a range of B2B products, has solutions that could help IT teams with some of the big headaches that they’ve been facing recently. They’re also the biggest partner for HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) products in Malaysia.

1. Unreliable Storage Solutions

A lot of companies are still using HDDs today for their storage solutions. While it is more cost-efficient compared to SSDs, HDDs are more prone to mechanical failures and that might trigger downtime on your servers or storage.

Which is why one of the options are flash storage that offers reliable service and less downtime.

For example, the HPE Nimble is guaranteed with an SLA (Service-level Agreement) of 99.9999% (6-nines) of availability, ensuring that the storage will keep running even during the time of increased digital activity.

For other vendors, businesses will often have to pay extra for an SLA, but with the HPE Nimble, the SLA is included with no extra charges.

Image Credit: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Fun Fact: The HPE Nimble Flash Storage utilises InfoSight, a predictive analytics tool to gauge problems within the storage and fixes itself 86% of the time too.

With InfoSight, a customer will also see 85% reduction in time spent resolving storage issues.

With the HPE Store More Guarantee, HPE ensures that businesses can store more data per raw terabyte compared to the competition. This means that you are squeezing the most value out of your IT purchases as your business slowly recovers from the impact of COVID-19.

2. Unable To Manage Servers When You’re Out Of The Office

Accessing servers remotely could be a problem if you are not equipped for it. Especially during the MCO, CMCO or the RMCO period.

If a backup goes down or something goes awry with the servers, you’ll have to go through a few applications before you can legally go into the office. By then, the servers might have been off for hours.

Luckily, if you’re a HPE product user, you can apply for a free HPE iLO Advanced that can be used until the end of 2020. 

While some solutions might allow you to control your servers remotely, their access are limited. But with the HPE iLO Advanced, you can perform much more than just checking on the status of your servers and making changes on the servers without even being in the office.

3. Prevent Unnecessary Storage Data

While it’s necessary to create backups of your files or data on your storage, redundant data saved in storage takes up valuable space for the same information. You might’ve even incurred additional costs in purchasing more storage when there’s no need for them.

HPE StoreOnce looks to solve that problem with data deduplication. HPE StoreOnce utilises a small index to deliver faster performance and employs a smaller chunk size for more efficient data deduplication ratios too.

When moving files to a StoreOnce storage, HPE guarantees that businesses can see a 95% reduction in storage demand compared to a fully hydrated backup. Otherwise, HPE will make up the difference with free disk capacity and support.

With this promotion, Veeam is also provided to ensure fast and reliable image-based backup for your storage needs.

VSTECS is running a promotion for some HPE StoreOnce solutions, coupling the storage with Veeam, allowing you to easily manage, backup and restore your backup, with 3 years of 24/7 support too

Real-Life Usage: The HPE StoreOnce 3620 can backup files of up to 31.5TB locally and store over 94.5TB of data via the Cloud Bank Storage with speeds of up to 14TB per hour.

4. Lacking The Proper Support 

If you’re looking for a peace of mind, VSTECS is known for its excellent pre-sales and after-sales service.

VSTECS employs over 350 employees all across its branches, and they carry a wide variety of brands as well, ranging from Vivo to Lenovo to LG and they’re an authorised Apple Distributor in Malaysia too. 

Among the 350 employees, they have 50+ employees who are dedicated to pre-sales and after-sales service. In 2018, they even won awards from HPE for the best distributor and best post-warranty support services.

5. Inadequate Infrastructure For Business Sustainability

Most businesses are in a “hold-out” business plan to keep themselves running in the MCO, CMCO and RMCO period. But, for some businesses, they look at it as an opportunity to improve the company and the services that they are offering.

If you are in the latter category, VSTECS is also offering businesses a Business Continuity Plan, and their offerings start from just RM165.50 per month. This means that you can keep your business running without incurring a heavy starting cost, giving your business a healthy cashflow.

What You Get: For the RM165.50 package, you get a HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 server with Aruba Instant Wireless Access Point to keep your business or your site running. Top-of-the-line security is also built into the server, so you don’t have to worry less about cyberattacks on your server.

The HPE ProLiant ML30 is a server that comes with a redundant power supply option to keep the server available whenever you need it.

The Aruba Instant On Wireless Access Point will enable your Wi-Fi to be accessed by 50 devices within the company to keep your business connected.

The ProLiant servers are also equipped with InfoSight which will automatically look for problems on the server and solve it by itself, saving you time on troubleshooting.


They have offers for different servers such as the HPE ProLiant ML30 Gen10 Intel Xeon E-2224 tower server for smaller businesses that do not require a larger server or the HPE DL380 Gen10 Xeon-Gold 5218 rack server for a larger storage solution.

If you’re unsure of which of the storage or server solutions to choose, you can speak to one of the VSTECS representatives and they’ll be able to help you out in looking for the perfect solution for your business.

Most of the HPE products in their catalogue are also scalable, so you don’t have to worry too much when your business grows.

  • For more information on the VSTECS promotions, click here.
  • Do note that some of the promotions might end on June 30. Terms and conditions apply.

Featured Image Credit: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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