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The National Solidarity Party (NSP) released their manifesto on their official website today (July 1).

In the 10-page manifesto, the NSP reiterated their political ideology, which advocated for fair competition, low unemployment and redistribution.

Here is a quick overview of the NSP manifesto:

1. Increase Fertility Rate For Population Growth

  • Provide parents with a comprehensive security net for their children up to 18 years of age. Ensure that organic growth aligns with infrastructure readiness.

2. Protect Workers And Lower Living Costs

  • Prohibit increases to the Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • Provide citizens caring for aged parents and school-going children with tax credits.
  • Establish a minimum living wage policy and the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices to combat worker exploitation and discrimination.
  • Prohibit essential entities from depending on shareholders’ interests and reconsider the privatisation of national entities that remain monopolies or ogliopolies.

3. Singaporean-First For Public Housing

  • Release details of housing costs to allow public evaluations of cost efficiencies.
  • Provide greater financial assistance for needy residents. Develop more subsidised rental flats to reduce waiting times for needy citizens which will be prohibited from housing foreign workers.
  • Prohibit the lease and resale of HDB flats owned by PRs within eight years of ownership. Any profit realised from a sale is subject to taxation to prevent speculation.

4. New National Insurance Coverage

  • Provide a Comprehensive Medical Insurance (CMI) covering hospitalisation and outpatient treatments at private or restructured hospitals, polyclinics and affiliated private clinics. This includes treatment for Covid-19 and pre-existing medical conditions in children.
  • CMI is mandatory for all citizens, with 50% of its premiums subsidised by the government. Foreigners and PRs are eligible, but will not receive a subsidy. Citizens under Public Assistance will receive fully funded CMI.

5. Improve Education Costs, Quality, Opportunities

  • Extend subsidized educational services to nursery and pre-primary levels, placing the administration under MOE instead of MCYS.
  • Reduce class size to 20 to improve the teacher: student ratio and explore opportunities in home-based virtual learning.
  • Provide citizens on government scholarships the opportunity to serve their obligations anywhere in the Singaporean economy.

6. Allow ‘Loans’ Of CPF Savings

  • Allow retrenched citizens to borrow from CPF Ordinary Accounts, fully repaid once the Account Holder is employed. Households may withdraw up to S$3,000 per month within six months, capped at 20% of the account.
  • Expand the list of CPF-approved tertiary providers to boost lifelong education opportunities.

7. More Public Transport Concessions

  • Monitor transport operations to prevent fare hikes.
  • All persons with disabilities receiving public assistance are eligible for concessionary passes.
  • All Concession Pass holders may enjoy concession rates at all times.

8. Reduce Defence Expenditure, Expand Civil Liberties.

  • Adopt a moderate posture and support regional cooperation while maintaining a strong force.
  • Reduce defence expenditure progressively, capped at 4.5% of the GDP.
  • Entitle all detainees under the Internal security Act to fair trials and abolish the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA).

You can read the NSP manifesto in full here.

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Featured Image Credits: National Solidarity Party via Facebook

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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