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Do a quick search for a branded product on any major online shopping app now, and you’d instantly notice a few eyesores. 

One, there are way too many merchants listing the product that you’re looking for. Two, with that many options to choose from, how are you to know for sure which product is genuine and original?

Vettons is a new company that focuses on the future of e-commerce and they seek to solve the pain points above. 

The team founding Vettons was inspired by the giants of the global industry like Amazon and Alibaba. But they realised that to have a fully optimised product, they would have to build an entire ecosystem. That’s a huge task.

Sometimes, to achieve something big, you have to take on the smaller battles. The first area Vettons wants to tackle? The rise of questionable merchants, a messy ecosystem, and counterfeit products. And here’s what they are bringing to the game.

1. They Can Get Your Purchase To You Within The Same Day

My boss once had her phone suddenly die on her on a weekday morning. Needing the phone urgently for work, she actually drove out during her lunch break to get a new one.

This is a scenario where having the option for a same day delivery would be helpful. And that would have saved her a lot of trouble and time.

While same-day delivery might be the norm in other countries, most local e-commerce platforms don’t offer that.

Vettons achieves this by relying on their strategic partnership with local logistics players.

The Vettons team at work / Image Credit: Vettons

On Vettons, to get a same day delivery via Vettons Now, you will have to make your order before 3PM (available Monday – Sunday) otherwise you might have to wait until tomorrow to get your purchase.

On top of offering genuine products, Vettons assures that they will not inflate the prices of the products they sell. For certain products, they can even offer same day delivery for free, on top of a RM1 surcharge.

For example, you can get the HUAWEI MediaPad T5 for just RM899, delivered to you on the same day.

The HUAWEI Mediapad T5 with free delivery.

2. They Pride Themselves On Providing Genuine Goods Only 

To ensure that they only supply genuine goods, Vettons work primarily with brand owners and main distributors.

Stanley, the Head of Technology for Vettons said: “If there are any complaints about counterfeit products, the merchant will be removed and blacklisted from Vettons.” 

They will also perform an internal investigation on the merchant to see if the complaint is legit before removing them.

3. The Products Are Already Conveniently Filtered For You

Vettons is not the only platform offering genuine products, but they have other small tweaks to provide a smarter shopping experience.

Instead of tirelessly going through multiple listings to look for a genuine product from different merchants, Vettons limits the number of products shown to you.

An example of their product listing, showing off different phones

They do so by only showing you the product from merchants closest to you, with the cheapest price (including shipping). Basically, they do the filtering for you.

4. The App May Be New But There’s Already A Variety Of Products

The app is well-stocked and you can find a variety of products such as skin care, men’s clothing, groceries, and handmade goods. As for how they managed to achieve this, Stanley credits their onboarding process for merchants, which is easy and only takes 10 minutes.

When it comes to original and genuine products, they don’t just have expensive goods. They also list handmade artisanal products from small businesses on their platform. This is why you can see listings like hand-woven bags and decorative items on Vettons.

That means that this app doesn’t just benefit genuine resellers of branded goods, it also boosts the income of local small businesses. With Vettons’ connections, they can provide full logistics support for their merchants too.

5. They Have Plans For A Simpler Shopping Experience Using Future Tech

Looking to the future of e-commerce, the team of Vettons knows that there should be more to online shopping.

Stanley said, ”We’re looking to develop an ecosystem of apps and utilise technologies such as AR to create a single value chain concept that will disrupt the retail industry.” 

Their deadline to see these ambitions become reality? Year 2021. 

And on the app now, you can see what they’ve already achieved, with an AI assistant called Zoni. Zoni helps you to search for products by just using your voice.

This is me searching for peanut butter

Zoni isn’t perfect at the moment, which we found when testing it out. But this shows that Vettons is open to trying out new things to make the daily lives of consumers easier, better, and faster.


In conjunction with the virtual launch of Vettons on July 7, you can catch performances by mega stars such as Yuna and Shila Amzah. And there’s an added incentive for viewers to tune in—with RM77,777 worth of prizes to be won, starting from that evening itself for a three-month period in conjunction with this much anticipated launch.

Vettons’ Virtual Launch: Catch the launch of Vettons on July 7 on Facebook at 8 pm along with hosts Alif Satar and Zoni, Vettons’ AI Assistant.

Once this launch is done and they’ve secured a foothold in Malaysia, Vettons will look to expand to nearby SEA countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. 

They’re chosen a Herculean task for themselves in this region as they want to take on the many daily problems in the e-commerce industry such as fake goods, price wars, slow deliveries and damaged goods.

But they’re confident in their tech and their product.

“Our business model is scalable, and our in-house technology can be transferred beyond borders. Instead of focusing on just selling, we’re here to rebuild the whole ecosystem and bring offline retail online.”

  • Download Vettons from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • If you’re a merchant and want to get on Vettons’ merchant list, contact them here.
  • For more information on Vettons, click here.
  • Register through this link to join the virtual launch on July 7.

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