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Malaysian digital creators can expect a boost of support following the government’s allocation of RM35 million to the local digital creative content industry.

It is called the PENJANA Dana Kandungan Digital (DKD) or the PENJANA Digital Content Fund, and it will enhance two existing digital content programmes managed by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

Here’s a breakdown of the 2 initiatives PENJANA DKD will be used to enhance.

PENJANA Digital Content Creators Challenge (DC3+)

What It Is: DC3+ is a competition replacing the previous DC3 structured programme with a concept that encourages the use of Malaysian themes.

Instead of a structured developmental mentorship, it will work with experienced local industry partners who can aid the success of your intellectual property (IP).

The main theme is “Malaysiana: Bring Malaysian Stories To The World”. Examples of stories can be from:

  • Folklore and legends,
  • Arts, crafts, performing arts,
  • People, culture, traditions, places,
  • The past and future,
  • Literature,
  • Social commentary.

DC3+ also places more emphasis on works that are commercial in nature, containing a strong social message, or a combination of these elements.

Eligibility Criteria: You can choose to enter as a:

Type Of ApplicantCriteria To Fulfill
Company(a) Incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 or Companies Act 2016,
(b) Have more than 50% equity owned by Malaysians,
(c) Not subject to a winding up order,
(d) Have team member(s) with more than 1 year of experience and a proven portfolio on digital creative content creation.
Business(a) Registered under the Registration of Business Act 1956,
(b) Have 50% minimum ownership by Malaysians,
(c) Have team member(s) with more than 1 year of experience and a proven portfolio on digital creative content creation.
Limited Liability Partnership(a) Registered under Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012,
(b) Have 50% minimum ownership by Malaysians,
(c) Have team member(s) with more than 1 year of experience and a proven portfolio on digital creative content creation.

Deliverables: There are 3 categories for submissions, and their deliverables are as follows:

  • Category A: Complete short animation in full HD (25 minutes or less),
  • Category B: Complete short film with VFX in full HD (25 minutes or less),
  • Category C: Complete motion comic (10 minutes or less).

Project Duration: Up to 6 months.

What You Get Out Of It: Winners of Category A and Category B can get up to RM300,000 in grants, while Category C winners can get up to RM50,000 in grants.


  • July 20 – August 31, 2020 (6PM): Registration is open for applicants.
  • September 2020: Pitching session.
  • December 2020 and June 2021: Project monitoring and first deliverables due.
  • July 2021: Project closure.

For a more complete breakdown of DC3+ and all it entails, you can check out the full rules and regulations here. If you’re interested in applying, you can do that here.

PENJANA Digital Content Grant (DCG)

What It Is: PENJANA DCG is an extension of the existing MDEC Digital Content Grant, an initiative that promotes the development of local digital creative content.

This updated initiative was created specifically to help local creative industry players adapt to the new normal.

Under the initiative, there are a total of 5 grants:

  • Development Grant,
  • Production Grant,
  • Co Production Grant,
  • Creative Industry Export Acceleration and Enterprise Development (CREED) Grant,
  • IP Marketing & Licensing Grant.

“Local studios can take advantage of this programme to assist in their marketing activities, digital distribution and the creation of new and exciting intellectual properties,” a press release by MDEC stated.

From the 5 grants, we’ve decided to break down the IP Marketing & Licensing Grant specifically, and you can learn more about the other grants here.

IP Marketing & Licensing Grant is a financial assistance provided to IP creators with market-ready products.

This covers IP extension, registration, development of a style guide, and other activities related to marketing, promotion, localisation, commercialisation, licensing or distribution.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the IP Marketing & Licensing Grant, an applicant has to:

(a) Be a company incorporated in Malaysia,

(b) Have more than 50% of the legal and beneficial ownership of the applicant vested in Malaysians,

(c) Not be the subject of a winding up order or have a going concern (but if you do, you must obtain an undertaking letter/written statement by the company’s shareholder and/or director to financially undertake any liability to the company),

(d) Prove that any previous grants received from MDEC or other Malaysian government agencies/ministries exceeding RM150,000 in a single case have been fully utilised, and that all projects have been completed and certified as such by the grant provider,

(e) Provide a success story and/or proven revenue generated from the project which was funded (not applicable for past development grant recipients),

(f) Have a minimum of 2 years’ track record in the conceptual development of creative works, OR if the applicant has under 2 years’ track record, they must have at least a minimum of 2 staff, 1 of which has 2 years’ track record of delivering projects,

(g) Have a ready product to market and commercialise, with which they must have: (a) a marketing strategy and possible outcome, and (b) a trailer/pilot episode/game prototype OR production bible OR complete animation series/animation feature OR complete playable games.

Deliverables: Here are the eligible project categories along with their required output:

Eligible Project CategoriesRequired Output Including:
– Animated Series
– Animated Feature Film
– Beyond Entertainment
(a) Marketing & promotional execution,
(b) Potential opportunities,
(c) Letter of Intent,
(d) Minimum of 2 pitching sessions to buyers/investors
(e) Media coverage
Interactive Media
– Digital Games
– Gamification
– Extended Reality
– Beyond Entertainment
(a) Marketing & promotional execution
(b) Potential opportunities
(c) Publisher Deal
(d) Minimum of 2 pitching sessions to buyers/investors
(e) Media coverage

Project Duration: Up to 12 months.

What You Get Out Of It: Under the IP Marketing & Licensing Agreement, there are claimable and non-claimable costs:

Type Of CostWhat The Cost Covers
Claimable Costs(a) Salary costs,
(b) Hardware/software costs,
(c) Outsourcing costs,
(d) Appointing and commissioning third parties to undertake any part of the works under the project,
(e) IP protection, marketing, commercialisation, licensing & distribution cost (specific to the CREED Grant and IP Marketing & Licensing Grant),
(f) Other costs: If the applicant is requesting for other costs to be claimable, the applicant shall be required to specify the purpose of such costs.
Non-Claimable Costs(a) Expenditures unrelated to the project,
(b) The company’s operating expenditures, like utilities (phone bills, electricity), office rental, stationaries, secretarial services, audit fees, etc.

Timeline: Applications for PENJANA DCG have been open since August 1, 2020, and registration will close on September 15, 2020 at 6PM.

For a more complete breakdown of DCG and the other 4 grants under it, you can check them out here. If you’re interested in applying for any of the 5 grants under DCG, you can do that here.


The original DCG fund the government previously introduced had produced several animated works that penetrated international markets and achieved global recognition.

These include Upin & Ipin: The Movie, BoBoiBoy: The Movie, Ejen Ali: The Movie, Hogie the Globehopper, Origanimals, No Straight Roads, and Re:Legend.

Through DC3+ and the updated DCG, MDEC aims to support 50 digital content projects. From those, 4 new animation projects that have international appeal must also be produced.

  • Learn more about DC3+ here, and DCG here.
  • You can read about other PENJANA initiatives we’ve written about here.

Featured Image Credit: Ministry of Finance via MDEC Facebook

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