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Published 2020-09-23 12:08:00

Cryptocurrencies are changing the perception of currencies in the financial world. Unlike fiat currencies like the euro and dollars, bitcoins became hugely popular in the digital currency community. Today, using bitcoins is not uncommon, especially among the younger generations. There isn’t a lack of places where people could use their bitcoins, no matter whether it means converting your digital currency into fiat currency or buying something from the shop. Unlike a few years ago when cryptocurrency was only an ambitious idea on paper, today they play a bigger role in the financial world.

Trading, buying, or selling bitcoins is not something uncommon today. Whether you’re concerned about trading your pairs, or finding the industry-leading fees on bitcoin transactions, making a choice which trading app to use can be a daunting process. Some of them offer extra features, others offer better trading conditions. However, one thing is sure- there isn’t a lack of bitcoin trading apps where people can freely exchange their bitcoins. If you’re actively trading bitcoins, it’s worth mentioning that CFD providers offer a good deal of transactions without paying any commissions. What follows are some of the best bitcoin trading apps on the market taking into consideration everything Here they are.


Since the time when it was established in 2007 till now, eToro counts over 12 million users across the globe. Bitcoin traders can either use the desktop version of the site or the mobile app version that is available for both Android and iOS users. Investing in cryptocurrencies has never been easier using eToro, giving you 100% retention. Users can also take advantage of the e-wallet store. ETorro supports 16 different cryptocurrencies that users can trade, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Whether you want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies using eToro, it will never charge you a fee for it. EToro is licensed under all three licensing bodies, FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. To conclude, eToro is a bitcoin trading app that is both secure and regulated while it also keeps fees low and offers some extra features.
Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading platform. It’s an online platform that was created exclusively for cryptocurrency users. It’s very popular in the online cryptocurrency world because it’s one of the most profitable trading platforms. It also offers some extra features like the live trading feature, as well as the regular features other trading platforms provide. Creating an account on Bitcoin Trader is free of charge. Once your account is approved you can make a deposit and start trading. The trading robot will start scanning the cryptocurrency market, and it shows you the best deals at the moment. Users can contact their customer team within seconds.


Coinbase has been established in 2007 and has soon grown into one of the leading bitcoin trading platforms. It’s very easy to use, and more importantly, it’s absolutely optimized for beginner’s use. To create an account on Coinbase, you’ll be asked to provide some personal information, as well as your government-issued ID. The standard rating fee of Coinbase is 1.5%. On top of that, Coinbase has one of the biggest reputations among regulation bodies as it complies with US regulations. Coinbase was one of the first bitcoin trading apps on the market and has stayed competitive even today, and not without a reason.

Plus 500

Plus 500 has a desktop site version and mobile app available for download. It’s the best trading app for trading demo funds. Mobile users can also access all Plus 500 features just like using the browser version. The crypto index option also allows you to trade out of the 10 largest coins on the market. Beginners in crypto trading should definitely have a look at Plus 500 because it offers a demo account where you can gain experience in trading bitcoins at no additional cost. Open an account and download the mobile app from the app store and you’re ready to start trading your bitcoins. That way, you can trade your bitcoins without risking your money. When you’ve gained enough experience and you know how trading bitcoin actually works, you can upgrade your account for the real-money trading.


When it comes to trading pairs, Binance is simply unbeatable. This trading app is responsible for massive trading volumes across the globe. While users are already familiar with the Binance trading site, it also offers the possibility to download the app on your smartphone device. One of the biggest advantages of Binance over other trading apps is the possibility to choose-out from 600 trading pairs as of now. Using Binance, users have access to cryptocurrencies of all shapes and sizes. Users are also allowed to place leverages by using the platform’s Perpetual-Feature Contracts.

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