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Document file corruption has always been a major problem for writers since the inception of the Microsoft word software. It is a very common problem with previous versions of the software, but one would expect the issue to have subsided in much newer versions. However, this isn’t so as word documents still get corrupted even in new updates like Microsoft 365. This can be noticed, when you try to open up the document in Word 365, it initially hangs up for a while, and when it finally opens, the program will try to recover the document itself but fails at it.

This was not expected of Microsoft 365 as most writers believed that the update would fix all the issues and writers could finally rest. It however turned out that Microsoft 365 was not as good as advertised and did not have any NEW features.

The only tool what is actually accurate and reliable enough to help Word 365 rebuild an incorrect file is the Recovery Toolbox for Word https://word.recoverytoolbox.com/

I do not believe that anything changed after the release of the new software, it is the same thing. If this is so, then why should you pay more for it?

The Interface even looks the same (try to spot any difference):

Everything looks the same here:

On its face, this kind of «sharing economy» requires lower opening assets, but finally, it causes the following: as soon as you purchase the software, everything is over. You are discouraged, they get back your subscription card, and finally, as a cherry on top, Microsoft 356 stops working.

If the software was ideal as promised, you could probably live with that. If at the barest minimum, the software does not hang like in previous versions, it would be manageable. Unfortunately, this is not so. Instead, the number of bugs increased.

The Microsoft 365 does not have any NEW feature, though developers had assured us that it is exactly what we need, that you update for sure. I however suggest that you think twice. If you need to update, do not forget about Recovery Toolbox for Wordhttps://word.recoverytoolbox.com/. This software, as usual, helps in rebuilding Microsoft Word documents, even in the Microsoft 365 format. The latest version of Recovery Toolbox for Word works with any document version of the supported format, there is no need to download some special version of this tool.

Why Do You Need it?

Sometimes Microsoft Word documents become unopenable and there is a risk of losing all your data. However, there are some differences. A typical example is the reconciliation of documents.

It works as follows: a recently developed Microsoft Word 365 document is forwarded by email or cloud to another department, who records its notices in the tracking mode. Then, the document goes to another department, who has its notices, etc… In the end, when it returns to the author, the document is overloaded by corrections and it is not easy to open it, even on a powerful computer. Nevertheless, Word tries, tries, and… It causes a data corruption problem. Things go wrong if the source document is not recoverable.

Fortunately, Recovery Toolbox for Word easily opens such documents and saves data to a new file, openable by Microsoft Word from Microsoft 365. That is why it is needed.

How does it work?

As I have said earlier, there is no need to do anything, using Word’s inbuilt tools.

As soon as you try to open a damaged file – Word notices it immediately. It tries to help you when possible and fixes corrupted data, it doesn’t work most times. That is where the Recovery Toolbox for Word comes in. But, I’d like to warn you in the very beginning: the software is paid, but it has a free option to evaluate recovery capabilities. It is very useful, in case you cannot recover at all; there is no need to pay anything. It is important because in most cases you cannot restore 100% of text from a corrupted file; this is about a fair trade-off.

Word recovery using Recovery Toolbox for Word

So, we have approached to essentials, stay with me, if Word could not recover itself and you need another solution that helps. Here are some steps:

1. Download the application from the developer’s site: https://word.recoverytoolbox.com/

2. Install the tool by clicking its setup file;

3. Start Recovery Toolbox for Word;

4. Choose a file of Microsoft Word format (*.doc, *.docx и *.rtf);

5. Start recovery;

6. Preview results and evaluate, if the document is useful after recovery;

7. Save data to a new file of Word format.

Recovery Toolbox for Word can be used on virtually any computer, but you should have Windows installed on your computer (any version works).

As for the version of Word document that should be restored, it supports any version, including even Microsoft 365.

The software interface is really easy and I am sure, you can use it without any difficulties, even for beginners. Need to pay the Recovery Toolbox for Word’s license only if you are happy with the results and you can keep on working with the recovered Microsoft Word 365 document (the 7th step, look above). Till this moment, there is no need to pay and no need to remove the program.

But, if you have managed to get a licensed copy of Recovery Toolbox for Word, you can restore any amount of Word documents.

 You are free to work with not only your files, but you can also help your friends\colleagues, without limitations. A file of Word format is corrupted on a friend’s PC? You can easily help him with a bottle of beer, it depends on you. Anyway, it is cheaper than buying a new license.

How convenient is it?

It is very convenient.

When restoring documents, Recovery Toolbox for Word does not connect to external services and does not send information somewhere. All recoveries are performed on local PC only. A computer with Recovery Toolbox for Word installed can be disconnected from the network, its offline mode does not affect the efficiency of recovery. The process of Word recovery from Microsoft 365 looks similar to the recovery of any other Word version. Frankly speaking, I do not see any difference between this new Office package and its previous versions.

But there is a difference: an ardent Microsoft desire to earn more and more money in the crisis post-coronavirus world.

Leave an Existing Word Version or Migrate to a New One?

I would prefer to leave it as is because I do not see any sense in this subscription.

On the other hand, Microsoft will do its best to update users: a variety of new options, switching off the support of older versions, a lot of other things. In the nearest future, you will realize that their new office package stops working on older hardware and there is no way to cancel updates. Hopefully, it will not be very soon and till that moment Microsoft suggests something more interesting than earning money by subscription.  

How to Use the Online Recovery Method

The recovery toolbox also has an online recovery feature which is a more convenient option (at the same time, it is cheaper): recovery of Word files from Microsoft 365 online https://word.recoverytoolbox.com/online/. Normally, the service of online recovery is cheaper, but only if you need to restore only one document. Finally, continuous damages could be more expensive than a permanent license for Recovery Toolbox for Word.

It is important that when you use the online service, you are not linked to any specific device. The online feature allows the sending of a document for analysis from any device: even from a smartphone or tablet. This can be done through the following steps.

1. Open the following link: https://word.recoverytoolbox.com/online/;

2. Select a file of Word Microsoft 365 format to upload;

3. Provide correct email and CAPTCHA;

4. Pay for the service;

5. Download a recovered file.

It is very easy for use, especially by beginners. When completing the last step, the recovered document can be opened in Word from the Microsoft 365 package without any limitations so you may resume working with it.

As for safety – the developer does not store data on the server as soon as the needed document is successfully downloaded by the customer. It is also difficult to intercept data upload sessions to a remote server, data is sent via HTTPS. 


I am not going to make conclusions from all written above; everyone has their own choice to make. Keep in mind that it is not possible to have a personal sysadmin for all users. If all attempts to fix the issue are useless – you need Recovery Toolbox for Word to fix Word documents, even in Microsoft 365.

Anyway, such incidents usually reduce the possible occurrence of similar problems in the future, users start thinking about safety. Sure, one cannot always avoid data corruption threats in the future, but it is possible to minimize any risk to a reasonable value.

Besides backups, you may install UPS to protect from power failures.

Besides local storage of valuable data, you may use a cloud, many things can be done!

Even with Microsoft. They have really good ideas, besides a questionable money-making option, implemented in a new Microsoft 365.     

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