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Stay-home orders brought about by the pandemic has sparked many of us to try new things.

Lately, I’ve been seeing many green-thumbed friends start little home gardens, balconies full of low maintenance plants for some extra O2.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 13 platforms that deliver indoor plants to your doorstep.

This list is focused on online sellers who have built websites for their brands, and is thus non-exhaustive.

1. Bangsar Garden

Bangsar Garden’s online plant nursery offers free delivery in Klang Valley if you order fewer than 15 items. COD is also available here.

For a fee of RM10, you can also consult with their in-house horticulturist about your plant problems and get advice about plant care.

They offer a variety of indoor plants like Sansevieria SPs, Codianums, and Phyllanthus.

Some plants from Bangsar Garden / Image Credit: Bangsar Garden

Pricing: Starts from RM20.

Delivery fee: For 15 items and below, delivery is free in Klang Valley. Otherwise, fees will be calculated based on location.

Order from: Their website.

2. Bloomspace

Established in 2017, Bloomspace is a branch of Dóro, which we’ll get into a little later in this list.

Their varieties include indoor plants like Jelly Peperomias and Monstera Adansonii. 

For a home with furkids, the site also has pet-friendly plants like Pilea Glauca and Kimberly Queen Ferns.

Orders will be shipped within 2-5 business days and hand potted in Bloomspace’s biodegradable pots with a matching saucer. 

If your plant dies within 14 days upon receiving it, they’ll replace it for free.

They have a variety of indoor and pet-friendly plants / Image Credit: Bloomspace

Pricing: Starts from RM49.

Delivery fee: Flat rate shipping at RM15 within Peninsular Malaysia.

Order from: Their website.

3. BloomThis

In addition to bouquets, they also sell indoor plants / Image Credit: BloomThis

Popular flower delivery service BloomThis, which we’ve written plenty about in the past, makes this list too.

While they’re known for their bouquets, they also offer a selection of succulents and indoor plants to brighten up your office desk like Fittonias, Japanese Bamboos, and Esthers.

Pricing: Starts from RM9.

Delivery fee: Free same-day delivery in Klang Valley.

Order from: Their website.

4. Concrete Dezign

It’s like a literal concrete jungle / Image Credit: Concrete Dezign

An architecture graduate, Harley makes and sells his handmade concrete and cement pots on Concrete Dezign as modern home or office decor.

His website also sells indoor plants like Pilea Peperomioides, Tillandsia Ionantha, and Mini Fiddle-Leaf-Figs to accompany the pots. 

The pots and plants will be packed separately and delivered with Lalamove to protect its fragile nature.

Pricing: Starts from RM8.

Delivery fee: Free deliveries for orders over RM150. Shipping rates for orders under RM150 will be calculated based on the total order.

Order from: Their website.

5. daun.com.my

daun.com.my was started in 2016 as a platform to encourage more homes in the city to be filled with plants

Some of their variety includes bright and low light plants like Vanda Orchids, tabletop plants, herbs, and big trees.

Delivery for tabletop plants will be made within 3 working days. They charge a 1-time delivery fee upon checkout, regardless of the number of plants purchased.

Self-collection is available at the Skinny Dip Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Plants can be used as simplistic tabletop decor / Image Credit: daun.com.my

Pricing: Starts from RM19.

Delivery fee: Fees will be calculated at checkout upon filling in your address. Delivery is free for purchases of tabletop plants above RM500.

Order from: Their website.

6. Dóro

CarrieAnne would always find a succulent sitting on her desk whenever she came home from her travels, gifted by her landlady.

Inspired, she started Dóro to spread the gift of succulents, which the store specialises in.

The platform also has a few options for indoor plants like Caladiums and Snow Pom Poms sitting in a Dóro Pouch as its pot.

All orders made with full payment before 10AM can be delivered on the same working day. 

The succulents are perfect for gifting / Image credit: Dóro

Pricing: Starts from RM129.

Delivery fee: RM15 flat rate.

Order from: Their website.

7. Floristika

You can visit their nursery yourself to pick out your plants / Image Credit: Floristika

Floristika is a brand from Singapore with more than 45 years of experience in the floral industry.

Located in Bangsar, they offer a large array of herbs, indoor and outdoor plants, succulents, fresh flowers, and air plants.

Deliveries will be made on the same day if orders are placed before 3PM on weekdays.

Pricing: Starts from RM10.

Delivery fee: Free deliveries within Klang Valley.

Order from: Their website.

8. Garden Mart

Their nursery is in Butterworth, Penang / Image Credit: Garden Mart

Garden Mart was founded in 2010 by a young couple, Shawn and Verniss who’ve operated and grown a local plant nursery in Butterworth Penang.

It includes a variety of live plants like herbs, hangers and climbers, indoor plants, air and water plants, as well as seeds to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Upon purchasing, you can expect to receive your deliveries within 3-7 days.

Pricing: Starts from RM15.

Delivery fee: Starts from RM13.80.

Order from: Their website.

9. Midorie

It started with biotech research by Toyota in 1987, and Suntory, a beverage conglomerate who was trying their hand in the green business in 2008.

The two merged and became a joint venture in 2012, birthing Midorie.

Midorie has developed materials and various solutions to replace soil and simplify plant care for newbies. 

They offer a variety of indoor plants like Ficus Elasticas, Fittonias, and Pink Aglaonemas.

The company also provides landscaping services, plant wall installations, and sells self-watering pots.

Midorie has a self-watering pot for those who never remember to look after their plants / Image Credit: Midorie

Pricing: Starts from RM29.

Delivery fee: Shipping fee for Klang Valley is RM8. Free delivery is offered for purchases over RM150.

Order from: Their website.

10. Plant & Pot Studio 

Their store has an abundance of plant choices / Image Credit: Plant & Pot Studio

Plant & Pot Studio sources their product offerings both locally and internationally. 

They sell everything from bedroom and bathroom to balcony plants like Davallia Bullatas, Maranta Leucineura, and Dieffenbachias. 

The shop also has a wide range of succulents and cacti. 

Pricing: Starts from RM15.

Delivery fee: Fees will vary depending on your distance from their store.

Order from: Their website.

11. Pulpy Garden

Pulpy Garden is an urban plant shop founded by Josephine. 

The platform offers local and imported succulents, terrariums, sansevierias, and indoor house plants like Calatheas, and Anthurium Andraeanums.

With their own riders, your plants can be delivered within 24 hours upon ordering.

Look at the adorable mini cacti / Image Credit: Pulpy Garden

To be qualified for postage, there is a minimum spend of RM30.

However, there is no minimum spend for self-collections from their store in Chow Kit, KL.

Pricing: Starts from RM6.

Delivery fee: Delivery fee within the Klang Valley is calculated upon checkout by MrSpeedy.

Order from: Their website.

12. Tiny Forest

Tiny Forest is a family owned business that started in 2014 as a terrarium and clothing store in SS15, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

They then branched out online in 2020 to also sell indoor living plants which include Sansevierias, Pothos, and Philodendrons.

If your orders happen to be in stock, you can expect deliveries within 3 days. For out of stock items, deliveries will take up to 2 weeks.

Tiny garden also offers workshops for DIY terrariums / Image Credit: Tiny Garden

Next-day deliveries are available for orders made before 1PM of the day before your scheduled delivery.

For example, if you want your plants to be delivered on Friday, you would need to order it before 1PM on Thursday.

Pricing: Starts from RM80.

Delivery fee: Starts from RM17.

Order from: Their website.

13. Weng Hoa

Weng Hoa is named after the Chinese translation of ‘Bright Flower’.

Located in Chinatown KL, Weng Hoa is a consolidation of 3 other floral businesses that merged in 2014.

They have a vast range of flowers, foliage, and plants that are imported from their own farms located in Kenya and India.

Some indoor plants you can find here include Anthurium Red Plants, cactuses, and Haworthia Plants.

Deliveries can be made all over Malaysia, even on the weekends and public holidays.

Pricing: Starts from RM29.90.

Delivery fee: Free deliveries in KL.

Order from: Their website.


Of all the options above, Midorie would be my go to for buying an indoor plant. 

This is mostly because I’m pretty clueless when it comes to caring for a plant, so it would be nice to get one along with their self-watering pot too.

My colleague owns 2 of their plants that are grown in Pafcal (an innovative sponge-like material engineered by Toyota Suntory Company), and only has to water them once a week.

So, if you’re someone like me who wants pretty plants that are low-maintenance, it’s an attractive option.

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Featured Image Credit: Dóro / Pulpy Garden

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