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The days when phones were primarily used to make calls and text others are long gone. Phones have turned into full-fledged entertainment devices, giving us lots of entertainment options anywhere we carry our phones. Entertainment apps for iOS make it possible to enjoy our free time or even make a long commute bearable, all without putting too much effort in. Below, we have collected some quality entertainment apps to help keep you entertained or to simply make time pass faster.


Byte is a video-based social network that bears resemblance to Vine and TikTok. Here, creators share six-second recordings of various subjects and forms including comedy, science, books, podcasts, TV shows, and more. Because of how wide its roster is, Byte provides a mix of creativity and entertainment.

Byte’s strength lies in allowing you to find the content you like and follow your favorite creators. The app is also very simple to use because to record, you can add recordings from your camera or use the functionality provided by the app to record your six-second shots.

Infuse 6

At its core, Infuse 6 is a video player but when you dig a bit deeper, you will discover it is much more than that. Infuse 6 makes it very easy to stream content from your computer to your iPhone so that you do not have to use up space on your phone to hold content you like. Additionally, the app can pull more information about your content from the internet including show and movie info, cover art, and subtitles.

Jackpot City

While you may want to watch a movie or listen to some music on your phone, why not have some fun while winning some money instead? Jackpot city is a full-featured casino that is available on your phone 24/7. Jackpot city lets you experience a full casino experience as you play slots, blackjack, or even roulette all from your phone. The app is well designed and follows the aesthetics of their website. There are hundreds of games to play, all with stunning and immersive gameplay.

Although Jackpot City has a huge selection of pokies, you might want to check out other casinos that offer online pokies Australia if you do not find the exact slots game you are looking for.


A common problem with modern TV is that there are so many streaming services that it can be difficult to find out which service a certain show runs on. JustWatch solves this problem for you.

When you search for a show, the app will tell you where the app can be streamed or bought if that is an option. If you have the appropriate app for the streaming service the show runs on installed, JustWatch will open the show on the app for you.

You can also browse new and popular shows through their appropriate tabs. If you are looking for something new to watch, the Browse tab has plenty of options to choose from.

There are lots of entertainment apps on the app store but finding ones that truly stand out and are useful can be challenging. We hope the list above gives you some idea of where to start to find entertainment apps that keep you entertained or help you pass the time.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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