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As an average adult who just graduated and is now working her first job, I do try to look to a few small things I can do for an extra bit of money. 

There are many apps that let you do that these days, one of them being Fuhla, which is a Malaysian app that will pay you to download other apps. 

I’m using a similar app now called Milieu for a week now, which gives you voucher rewards to redeem from the points you earn through completing surveys.

The reality with these apps is that they don’t actually pay much, and it takes a long time to get any attractive incentives out of them. But people, including myself, would still use these apps. 

In our review of Fuhla, we found that even though the monetary incentive of using the app was really low, we discovered apps that we could actually use and keep, which is quite similar to how I feel about Milieu.

How It Works

I downloaded Milieu because of the rewards it offered just from taking surveys. These rewards are practical ones like GrabFood and GrabRide vouchers, Lazada or Shopee vouchers, Touch ‘n Go eWallet top-up vouchers, and more. 

The higher your points, the higher the value of the voucher rewards. But getting to even the first reward, which is an RM15 Grab voucher, is going to take forever.

An RM15 GrabFood voucher reward is 11,500 points, and I’m currently at 1,400 only. I’ve done 3 surveys so far because I didn’t check in regularly to keep up with filling surveys. 

So it seems like every survey gives me about 400-500 points, and if I want to get to that first reward, it’s going to be around another 28 surveys for me to go. 

However, they only upload surveys 2-3 times a week, so you can’t just zoom your way through to earn points and claim rewards.

In fact, a cute way for them to ensure you’re not zooming through questions is including random questions like “1+1=?” or “Is a freezer to make things hot or cold?” in their surveys. 

Making sure you’re not just simply doing surveys

Besides surveys, there are polls for you to fill in the app as well, but they don’t add to the reward points that you can collect. 

The surveys and polls in the app are all tailored to your demographic details, which they’ll take in their first survey.

The Money Didn’t Make Me Stay But Insights Did

I’ve already accepted by now that I’m not getting much rewards-wise from this app, but it’s the polls that kept me scrolling for much longer than I thought I would. 

I found their polls more interesting to engage with because they’re actually topics relevant to me. So in a way, I get to learn more about opinions Malaysians have on different things like current news, pop culture, lifestyle, relationships, etc. 

Work-related topics are also in most of these sections, which made me even more intrigued. For all these polls, they also include a recent article on top to help us gauge the relevance of the questions.

Some of these topics include:

  • How would you feel if your romantic partner gets a pay raise?
  • Which factor do you think contributes most to workplace stress in Malaysia?
  • How important is it to have a university/college degree/diploma to get a job?

I’m not going to lie, finding out the general Malaysian opinion on all kinds of topics have been more addicting than I expected it to be. Believe it or not, it almost feels like scrolling through social media. 

The anonymity on the app makes its results seem more reliable to me, as odd as that sounds. People are less shy to be honest with their opinions on various topics since they’re protected by anonymity.

A Small Thing It Can Improve On

One minor inconvenience I found about their surveys is that there’s no back button for you to go back and change your answer if you realised it should’ve been something else. 

I think having that option is very important because it helps increase the accuracy of the surveys. 

I’m generally quite happy about this app overall, to the point that I’m not interested in their rewards as much and actually take my time to answer their surveys and polls, and actually read the articles included in them.

A poll on what can they do to make me use Milieu more

But one thing I am curious about though is what the majority demographic of their Malaysian users is right now. It’d be interesting to see if opinions really differed on certain topics across gender, race and religion.

I think that’s worth disclosing in general at least, so that I’m able to better understand the poll and survey results with enough context.

Well, what I can say for sure about this experience is BRB Facebook, Twitter and IG—I’m getting my daily dose of social media somewhere else. 

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Featured Image Credit: Milieu app

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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