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In a world that has seen an unprecedented digital acceleration, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have been integral when it comes to plugging the gaps and meeting the needs of businesses globally.

Dictionary Time: ISVs are individuals and organisations who develop, market, and sell software that run on third-party software and hardware platforms.

K. Raman, the Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia, said that their partner ISVs played a critical role in helping Microsoft’s customers become more agile and resilient. This is through building and developing creative and innovative solutions that are tailored to a local market.

With a regional HQ in Kuala Lumpur, MiHCM is an example of an ISV that rose to the occasion in the pandemic. As a digital HR management solution that runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, MiHCM allows companies to upgrade operational HR processes using automation and business intelligence.

Companies can manage their remote workforce efficiently because MiHCM provides essential features like check-in/out facilities, leave applications, payslip previews, timesheet submission, and leave balance checking. MiHCM HR can also be integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft sees ISVs as valued partners, and they’re always looking for more promising businesses to partner up with. Here are some of the key benefits that ISVs can look forward to by working with Microsoft.

1. Leverage On The Versatile Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud computing platform that can host existing applications and streamline new application development.

Azure has 3 main features that make it ideal for modern app development:

  1. Lightweight and easily integrable APIs;
  2. Modular and flexible microservices;
  3. Scalable container services, supported with Azure DevOps tools.

Essentially, it offers all the end-to-end services that ISVs need to develop, test, deploy through the cloud.

With Azure, ISVs also get access to Microsoft’s developer toolkit which includes Visual Studio, GitHub and PowerApps—well-known platforms in the developer space.

2. Extend Your Reach And Get To The Market Faster

As Microsoft partners, ISVs get access to a global ecosystem of enterprise customers. By publishing their apps on Microsoft’s 24/7 cloud storefront, ISVs get an immediate exposure to the 95% of Fortune 500 companies that use Azure worldwide.

This means that the ISVs have the opportunity to go to market fast at a lower cost.

The More You Know: Microsoft has 2 cloud storefronts: Microsoft AppSource, for industry focused line of business applications and productivity applications; and Azure Marketplace, for category and workload building blocks for Azure.

3. Join The Microsoft Partner Network

The Microsoft Partner Network is a free programme designed to help businesses grow. Member benefits include:

  • Connection to customers, other partners, and Microsoft sales teams through the Microsoft commercial marketplace;
  • Go-to-market services that help businesses optimise listings and showcase offers;
  • Resources and guidance that speed up application development and delivery.

The Microsoft Partner Network also gives businesses the opportunity to get real-world answers to business questions, and work on strategic collaborations with other Microsoft partners.

4. Co-Sell With Microsoft

Microsoft also has a co-sell programme that gives ISVs the opportunity to work with Microsoft sellers on joint-selling opportunities. For example, if a Microsoft seller is approaching a large conglomerate and your product can add value to the client, you will be invited along to the meeting as a partner ISV.

The co-sell programme helps ISVs reach Microsoft’s large base of customers and gives ISVs the chance to work hand-in-hand with Microsoft on sales opportunities that can accelerate business growth. ISVs can showcase their solutions directly to clients, while leveraging the Microsoft brand to build customer trust.

Becoming A Microsoft Partner

Your ISV journey with Microsoft starts with 3 simple steps. Do note that if you have an existing solution, you will need to migrate to Microsoft Azure first.

1. Become A Microsoft Partner

Join the free Microsoft Partner Network programme.

2. Build Your App

Migrate or build your app with Azure. Microsoft is currently offering USD500 worth of free Azure credits. These can be utilised on selected Azure workloads. Check your eligibility for this promo today by emailing azurestarterpackMY@microsoft.com.

3. Go To Market

Explore your options by visiting the Partner Network page here.

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