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Bitcoin has been a trending topic from the time it was released back in 2009. The cryptocurrency was a novel technology back then sparking the curiosity of individuals from all walks of life, especially the tech-savvy crowd. While Bitcoin’s had its ups and downs through the years, it’s never truly lost its touch. It’s constantly growing and improving, which is why so many people are still avid Bitcoin enthusiasts even after a decade of it being on the market. As expected, these spikes in popularity combined with its growth have given birth to several Bitcoin-related trends that people can’t seem to resist, many of which are currently sending waves across the globe. 

Bitcoin Games

If there’s one thing out there that we can all get behind is top-notch entertainment. With gaming quickly taking the top spot as the most popular hobby in the world, it’s no surprise to see Bitcoin jump in on the hype. Nearly everyone’s a fan of video games after all, so why not combine two things people love and end up with something great? The trend of playing Bitcoin games is a pretty recent one. These excellent entertainment outlets might not be classic video games in all aspects, but they do offer players a chance to earn a great prize by playing – Bitcoin.

Bitcoin games come in all shapes and sizes. While they might have started a bit simpler than the popular ones you’ll often run into these days, they always brought a lot of action and exciting gameplay. In essence, Bitcoin games are a form of gambling. Players deposit certain amounts to play them, and if they’re lucky enough to win, they can return their investment tenfold! Because of their nature, Bitcoin casino games have also been getting quite a bit of attention lately. So, whether you’re into casino classics or modern adventures, they’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading is one of the first Bitcoin trends to gain significant traction. It’s stayed consistently popular throughout the years, but more recently, it’s spiked in popularity by a lot. Thankfully, this has come as a result of the massive influx of information now widely available online. Another big reason for this increase in popularity is the rise of Bitcoin trading platforms that make the overall process of trading Bitcoin a breeze. If you’re a newbie to Bitcoin trading, you can check out this Bitcoin Trader review to learn more about what these platforms are all about.

It’s not surprising to see so many new people interested in Bitcoin trading. Pretty much everyone is familiar with Bitcoin’s money-making potential, and with trading tips, strategies, and guides easily accessible on the web, most people are open to trying their hand on the market. Of course, many of the negative labels attached to Bitcoin being dropped has certainly helped as well. With accurate information of what Bitcoin is and what it can do circling the web, people are realizing that they might have been somewhat misinformed about it in the past.

Bitcoin Shopping

Since at the end of the day Bitcoin is a currency, most people would assume that shopping with Bitcoin is an easy task. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case up until recently. As we already mentioned, Bitcoin didn’t have the best reputation back in the day. The cryptocurrency was a new technology that most people didn’t understand, and the fact that information on it was almost non-existent didn’t help the negative rumors being spread about it. As you can imagine, this fear of the unknown caused a lot of businesses to steer away from Bitcoin for a long time.

Thankfully, this is a big contrast to what we can see today. A plethora of shops, both online and offline, are starting to add the option of using Bitcoin as a payment method. Some great examples of this are Etsy, one of the most popular online retailers out there, and Starbucks, the fan-favorite coffee shop where users can pay with Bitcoin through a mobile app. With a lot of new options open for Bitcoin users, Bitcoin shopping has become a trend we’re all rooting for.

Bitcoin Predictions

One of the most exciting things we get with Bitcoin is the various price predictions people can’t help but make. With the cryptocurrency now hitting insanely high marks many never thought they’d see, Bitcoin predictions have become more popular than ever! Everyone wants to share their two cents on what they think Bitcoin will be worth in a couple of years, and some have even made claims that it will reach amounts we can only imagine in our wildest dreams!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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