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Social media personalities, or better known as ‘influencers’, have earned a bad reputation for making ‘easy money’.

Many people see them as individuals who’re in the business simply for free events and products, but many tend to miss out the fact that there’s actually a lot of hard work that goes behind the scenes (briefs, meetings, countless drafts) to produce a single post.

The fact that their social media feed is carefully curated with pretty pictures of travels, scrumptious food, and cute OOTDs is all part of their branding.

Beyond making a living from advertising on social media, some of them are also entrepreneurs in their own right.

From F&B to cosmetics, here are six influencers in Singapore who are also bosses of their own businesses.

1. Xiaxue

‘Blogger queen’ Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, is famous for her plastic surgery and controversial opinions.

She also runs her own e-commerce business that retails false lashes called Plastic Cosmetics. Her cheeky tagline reads, “it’s not plastic surgery, it’s just makeup!”

xiaxue plastic cosmetics false lashes
Image Credit: @plasticcosmetics via Instagram

What’s unique about her false lashes is that it comes with a magnetic eyeliner so the lashes can easily stick on to it. This means that there’s no longer a need to fuss around with messy eyelash glue!

Her false lashes comes in different varieties — from dramatic, wispy lashes to natural lashes that are more subtle and suitable for everyday wear.

In her recent Christmas collection, Plastic Cosmetics also launched a new range of waterproof and smudge-proof felt tip liners, which also allows lashes to stick on to the liner.

2. Tammy Tay

We’ve previously featured Tammy Tay, who used to run her own blogshop called Ohsofickle (which is still her online moniker) in her teenage days.

Her online fashion business grew very popular that she even set up her own boutique, which has since closed down.

In 2014, Tammy decided to put Ohsofickle on hiatus because she could not model or source for clothing due to her pregnancy (she was pregnant with her firstborn Elroy then).

She later took over her mother’s interior design company called Imagine by SK66.

tammy tay fickle beauty
Image Credit: @ficklebeauty via Instagram

Now, Tammy runs a skincare business called Fickle Beauty. It retails the “best of clean and ethical skincare brands with products that only use ingredients backed by science”, and has a physical outlet that offers facial and lash treatments.

Fickle Beauty is also expanding with a “pamper parlour” called fickle+, which is opening soon. It will offer a beauty bar for both men and women, offering services like head spa, hair wash and blow, gua sha facial treatments and lash extensions.

3. Andrea Chong

New mum Andrea Chong is one of the more popular influencers in Singapore, inking collaborations with well-known brands like Superga and Love, Bonito.

She also runs her own company called The DC Edit. They run a female-focused website that is “dedicated to the independent, curious and adventurous”.

Their content is focused on everyday conversations and “good scoops” on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. It also shares career-related content as well as organic perspectives on diverse topics.

The website also carries an online shop which retails various The DC Edit collections. Its latest collection ‘In Our Roots’ features porcelain pieces by Belle of Pottobelle.

4. Daryl Aiden Yow

You probably best remember Daryl Aiden Yow for his infamous copyright saga.

He has emerged from the scandal strong and learnt from his mistakes — he included behind-the-scenes shots of his photoshoot and is now using his strong Photoshop skills to his advantage.

Daryl has recently delved into F&B, opening his own bakery business called Absolutely Batter in December last year.

“It took a lot of time and most importantly, courage to embark onto a journey of baking,” he said in a giveaway post on Instagram.

daryl aiden yow absolutely batter
Image Credit: @absolutelybatter via Instagram

It might be due to his amazing photography skills, but the Instagram feed of Absolutely Batter is so drool-worthy. It offers treats such as cookies, cupcakes and savoury snacks like garlicky cheese bombs, zai’er crisps, and seaweed strips.

For this upcoming Chinese New Year, Absolutely Batter is also selling “batter bundles” so you can get your festive treats as a set.

5. Christabel Chua

Social media darling Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly) first started up her business three years ago.

Called kāi, the name is actually derived from the Chinese character 开 (kai), which translates to ‘open’. It’s also used in the word 开心 (kai xin), which means ‘happy/happiness’.

“We want to produce lifestyle items that you can use on a daily basis, and when you look at them you feel inspired, happy, and carefree,” Christabel once told Vulcan Post.

Her debut collection consisted of cute fruit pouches, which was inspired by her shopping trip in Australia.

iamkai bellywellyjelly
Image Credit: @iamkai.co via Instagram

Kāi has since expanded its range of lifestyle products, including yearly planners, notepads, onigiri pouches, stickers, bucket hats and socks.

6. Jessica Loh

Jessica Loh is a blogger turned baker, who used to run her own cake business.

Called Shiberty Bakes, it offered bespoke cakes, baking classes as well as dessert tables for events. It was wildly popular but has since ceased operations in 2018.

Jessica now runs another business which specialises in bespoke gem jewelry called Jexa Gems. Through “positive crystal energy”, it hopes that customers will be able to “radiate joy, love and luck.”

jexagems gem jewelry
Screenshot of @jexagems’ Instagram Story

From necklaces, rings, bracelets and even earrings, all their gem jewelries are made of “100% genuine stones and crystals,” claimed the brand in one of its Instagram Stories.

Monetising Fame And Following

Having gained such a strong following on their social media platforms, it’s not surprising if they want to leverage their fame to market their business.

Many celebrities are doing the same thing too — many have made the leap from showbiz and entertainment, to the entrepreneurial world.

While fans and followers can help boost sales and traction in the early days, they will only return — and create a truly loyal following — only if they think the products or services offered is good.

As the saying goes, a good product will sell itself.

Featured Image Credit: @xiaxue, @ohsofickle, @dreachong, @darylaiden, @iamkai.co, @shiberty via Instagram

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