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Last year – 2020 – brought a lot of change to the lives of people around the world. While some flourished in their work life, others had more time to focus on their home life.  We have all had plenty to think about and too much time to procrastinate. It may have not been a year dedicated to achieving our goals, but the entertainment industry – particularly the gaming industry – has been determined to make 2020 a fun year. With new technology and great game releases, the gaming industry has taken this with as much pride as possible and made gaming more accessible for everyone.

Mostly everything has been adapted for online use in order to deal with the increase in people working from home. The increasing use of Zoom and Skype have been great platforms for people to communicate socially and for work. This technology allows for a more harmonious work atmosphere and over the next 10 years, more companies are expected to offer home working. Continue reading to learn about the different ways digital gaming content has taken over 2020.

Boost in engagement

Throughout the year, there was a quick boost in engagement in multiple digital platforms in order to make life a bit easier for everyone. More specifically, the gaming industry has seen a surge in game sales resulting in an increase of revenue for the general video game market. With more people working from home, down time has increased and breaks have taken on whole new meanings and so gamers have been looking for new ways to entertain themselves. Even those who have never considered gaming before are looking for new hobbies to try.

Statistics suggest that there has been a sharp increase in gamers playing different games in 2020. Results have been higher in the USA with a 46% increase, with France next at 41%, the UK at 28% and Germany at 23%. Whilst gaming is great for general user engagement, it has also served a great purpose for people to have fun at home. This is useful as gaming provides an escape to a digital reality for those who don’t have much else to do.

Online gambling

Alongside office work being moved online around the world, the sporting industry has adapted over the course of 2020.

Last year, we saw a decline in sports attendance and so sports betting took a hit with some teams postponing matches. The fact that individuals have not been able to regularly gamble on sports has been a significant change in consumer behaviour. Due to the lack of gambling opportunity, adults have been turning to other types of entertainment.

In order to fill the gap of being unable to gamble in person, individuals have been engaging different online gambling services such as online bingo games and online casinos. Online gambling is available 24/7 and most gambling services have been optimised to work from mobile devices. This allows people to download applications onto their phones and tablets for convenience.

Finding the most reliable gambling sites

For consumers, their trust on gambling sites rests on site reputation and activities. They also appreciate the opportunity to find reviews of gambling websites to help with their decisions. For example, this review of the most reliable online casino Singapore sites is one of many different platforms to help people choose where to gamble.

Gaming and viewership

Around 82% of consumers across the globe both played and watched video game content over the course of 2020. Alongside playing video games, people are turning to viewing and streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch to watch people play games and interact with other individuals while playing. Twitch has specifically seen an increase in viewership throughout 2020 – in America, viewership has more than doubled.

The gaming industry has also seen collaborations between popular gaming companies in the market and different celebrities. For example, the collaboration between Epic Games and rapper Travis Scott resulted in millions of players across the world streaming in to play watch others play games.

In the first half of 2020, Nintendo enhanced their fantasy gaming arena with new games released on the Nintendo Switch. Not only did the new Nintendo opportunity allow people to have fun whilst staying at home, but players also believe it has brought them closer to friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Amidst 2020, with the rapid growth and expansion of practical Internet tech, the online gaming platform has provided an excellent opportunity for people to have fun. It has allowed people to engage in different ways like never before, across the world and also at home. Evidently so, it is no secret that digital gaming has taken over 2020.

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