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We are barely more than two weeks into 2021, and already the votes are being cast to determine what trends, fan favourites, and new innovations in tech will lead the way for the gaming industry over the course of the next twelve months.

It’s no surprise that so many of us are making our own predictions; 2020 offered a whirlwind start to the new decade, and will go down in history as a whistle stop tour of some of the most exciting changes and additions finding their way into the heart of the world of video gaming.

One phenomenon is clear to everyone, however, and that is the sway the mobile phone will hold over game development throughout the new year. Read more below.

Significant Attention from Leading Developers

Many years ago, mobile gaming was a small distraction – oftentimes built into the software on our phones – and not something that would demand significant interest, or any at all, from the world’s leading games developers. Now, however, the story has changed: our daily habits revolve around our phones, which means that these little gaming platforms offer one of the most direct ways of accessing the world of gamers and those who have yet to become gamers alike.

As one example, look to the online gambling industry. The leading sites had seen – and continue to see – tremendous success via PCs alone but, as the significance of smartphones continued to grow between the early 00’s and now, they recognised the need to adapt and ensure that their offerings were viable to be played on mobile devices. Now, if you are looking for a new casino 2021, then you can be sure that the sites’ developers will have prioritised mobile compatibility – and that transitioning from PC to mobile gameplay won’t cause a downturn in performance.

So too are the world’s AAA developers taking more of an interest in the mobile. From Nintendo to Ubisoft, the mobile offers a readymade platform with a global following for all developers to tap into.

The Introduction of 5G

5G is billed to make everything bigger and better. Our work lives, travel, business, socialising, operating a self-driving vehicle – and, of course, gaming.

Already, the wheels are turning on a new era of gaming – one in which incredible speeds go hand in hand with crystal clear graphics and a level of immersivity the likes of which we have never before witnessed.

What this offers developers is even more scope for the titles they create. Those limitations that once hindered the quality of games on offer to mobile players – small screens, slower speeds, limited processing power – are no longer concerns, which means that we can anticipate some incredible new advancements in the world of game development as 5G continues to roll out across the planet.

Better Phones

Once again, it’s no surprised that 2021 is billed to see massive advanced in the technologies deployed within consumer tech – it’s the same story every year, although we are far from growing bored of it.

From screen size to the capabilities of the GPUs, to brand new shapes that offer a more immersive level of gameplay – and offer more screen without demanding a bigger pocket – mobile phone developers like Apple and Samsung have already shared plenty of spoilers and insight into the new, more powerful technologies making their way into our hands over the next twelve months. The iPhone 12 is already here, and Samsung’s 5G ready S21 launched just days ago.

If you’re a mobile gamer, then the good news is that the offerings are predicted to get even better this year. If not, then now represents the perfect time to start getting to grips with this leading platform.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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