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Valentines Day comes around every year, but still some people seem to forget it. Preparing for Valentines Day when you are in a couple can be a tough ordeal, it can require a lot of planning and preparation. Other couples may like to keep it simple and relaxed. What is most important is that your partner feels valued and that you have fun.

For those that have left getting a meaningful, sentimental gift to the last minute, we have a few pointers for you below.

  1. Make a Video Montage

If you are quite the wiz with editing and creating videos, this last minute gift is right up your street. You can make a montage of all your favourite photos and videos. These can include some messages from loved ones, a personalised message from you and other cute additions that your partner would appreciate. You could get them to sit down as if you were going to watch a movie, then play them the montage as a surprise. Or just nonchalantly show them to really catch them out, it would be ideal if they were completely unaware of this until they sat down in front of the screen.

  • Purchase a Gift Card for their favourite store

Now this may seem a little bit boring, but you can make the present into much more than what it actually is. You could purchase a gift card for her favourite store or restaurant and plan a whole day around it. This would increase the sentimental value of the gift, but it can be pieced together last minute with ease. You should probably write them out a nice card explaining your plans associated with the gift card to make your intentions more clear. This way they can get excited and you can start planning the day. You can head over to Eternity Rose for further ideas.

  • Plan a trip

Okay, so planning a trip is not a last minute idea. However, by expressing this present in a card or via a love letter can buy you some time to figure out the details of the trip and make it work. Your trip can be as elaborate or low key as you desire. It will be thoughtful and fun, but it can also be adapted as your partner sees fit, as there are no official plans. It is quite sneaky, but you are able to give your partner a great present because they will be helping tailor without knowing. This way they would receive a trip of a lifetime completely prefect for them as they would be involved in the making of the trip.

  • Make a Photo Album

Reminiscing over past, cherished memories is a great gift for any couple. This requires minimal effort and can be put together easily with the correct equipment. You can purchase a photo album from many stores or even in large supermarkets. You can also get some arts and crafts things to decorate it with to make it even more special. The more effort you put into choosing the photos, the better the results will be.

  • Frame your Favourite Photo

This again is a quick fix for a forgotten present. Depending on the amount of effort and choice of photograph it can make for a really nice, thoughtful gift that your partner will display for life. If you are able to get hold of a sweet frame to put your picture in then it will be a lovely addition to yours and your partner’s house.

  • Plan a Romantic Evening

This requires minimal effort, but can have huge rewards. Go to the supermarket and get yourself with enough supplies to turn your living room into a cinema, restaurant or a spa. This could mean that you could bring the outside world to you and treat your partner to a special peaceful evening together. You could dress as a butler to really play the part correctly.

  • Message in a Bottle Gift

This gift could either be one message, or multiple messages that you have written for them to open on specific days, or relating to their moods on certain days. You should get some coloured crafts paper and neatly decorate them and write a small message on the top of each of them. You could either number them or say open me when… There are many variations; you should choose the best one for your partner.


There are many sentimental gifts that can be created with minimal time and effort if you know your partner well enough. I think it is best practise to try and get them something personalised or at least well devised for their preferences. This is just a guide to some last minute, thoughtful gifts; your partner may find other items more relevant or suited to them. Follow your gut with this present to ensure you get the right thing for your partner.

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