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The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) recently announced the rebranding of the Singpass app with a new logo.

Singpass, Singapore’s national digital identity, is one of the Smart Nation projects with a vision to improve the lives of citizens, create opportunities for businesses and transform the capabilities of government agencies.

First launched in October 2018, Singpass has more than four million users. Of this, the Singpass app has over 2.5 million users.

In the last three years, it has added more than 10 features. It is clearly evolving, and now powers more than 1,400 digital services powered by over 340 government agencies and private organisations.

In 2020, Singpass is one of the most downloaded apps in Singapore and its user base has tripled in the past year. It currently has four million users, and over 90 per cent of them use the app at least once a month.

To date, over 170 million transactions are conducted using Singpass annually, but what exactly can you do with the mobile app?

1. Easy Access To Everyday Services Across Sectors

Singapore residents can use Singpass to access more services across sectors — ranging from banking and insurance, to healthcare and charities.

login shortcuts singpass
Login shortcuts / Image Credit: Singpass

Users can check their CPF balance, apply for HDB flats, perform internet banking, or manage their insurance policies with ease.

Users can also conveniently retrieve their personal information, digitally sign documents and remotely authorise transactions on their Singpass app without using passwords.

Digitalising everyday transactions saves time for both residents and businesses, as users no longer have to submit hardcopy documents and streamlined processes result in quicker approvals for applications.

2. Identity Verification

digital ic singpass
Digital IC / Image Credit: Singpass

Beyond digital transactions, the Digital IC has also been launched in the Singpass app since September last year to offer users an alternative method of identity verification.

For instance, users can simply scan their Digital IC barcode at kiosks located in libraries and polyclinics to register.

In other words, Singpass users can share their details from government sources with organisations without the need for any physical documents.

3. Sign Digitally, Remotely And Securely

document signing singpass
Document signing / Image Credit: Singpass

Transactions on Singpass are made safer with the use of cryptographic technology, which provides higher assurance of authenticity and integrity, and facilitates non-repudiability in digital transactions.

Singpass users are issued identity certificates by the National Certification Authority, as a means of authenticating a person’s identity for greater identity assurance.

For instance, when digitally signing a document using Singpass app, the signature is cryptographically linked to the user and validated at the point of signing, minimising the risk of fraud.

4. Pre-Fill Digital Forms

Autofill with Myinfo singpass
Autofill with Myinfo / Image Credit: Singpass

Myinfo enables users to pre-fill digital forms with their personal data from government sources for online transactions, while giving them control over how their information is shared.

To date, close to 600 digital services offered by government agencies and businesses have been onboarded to Myinfo. Since then, the use of Myinfo has resulted in an average decrease of up to 80 per cent in application time for users.

With Myinfo, you can essentially view your latest personal information from different public agencies all in one place, as well as save time and avoid errors in form-filling by providing your details with one click.

5. Receive Timely Notifications

Notify sends users relevant and timely notifications from government agencies directly into their Singpass app inbox.

Through the notification, users can either view government notices or log in seamlessly to the agency’s digital service to complete their transactions.

renewal of documents singpass
Renewal of documents / Image Credit: Singpass

For instance, users can receive NRIC re-registration and passport renewal notifications, as well as SingapoRediscovers Vouchers deduction notifications.

Transactional notifications such as Medisave deduction and payment reminders will be ready in 2021.

Singpass Is Easy For Everyone To Use

To ensure Singpass services are easily accessible, key transactional pages on the Singpass website and app will be made available in Singapore’s four official languages by the end of this year.

More authentication methods have also been introduced to make digital transactions fuss-free for everyone.

Users without smartphones can authenticate easily by receiving One-Time Passwords via SMS, or with a quick scan of their face using the latest Face Verification feature on web browsers or at kiosks.

These features enable users without mobile devices to continue accessing services with ease.

“From Myinfo to Singpass app, Face Verification, digital signing and more, we are heartened by the strong adoption from both Singapore residents and businesses in the past few years, and will continue to roll out new products and features on the national digital identity platform,” said Kwok Quek Sin, Senior Director for National Digital Identity at GovTech.

“With this brand refresh, we want to ensure that Singpass continues to deliver value, while developing digital capabilities necessary for the growth of a trusted digital ecoystem.”

Featured Image Credit: Singpass

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