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Published 2021-03-02 15:54:00

At this point, it’s easy to see that Bitcoin has expanded way beyond than anyone could have imagined. While most people still see the popular cryptocurrency as a top-notch investment option first, it also offers plenty of different options for what users can do with it. One of the more interesting avenues Bitcoin enthusiasts can take right now is one connected to a very popular trend – streaming! Almost everyone’s jumping aboard the streaming train at the moment, and if you’re interested in using Bitcoin to enjoy this modern form of entertainment, here’s how you can do that!

Bitcoin & Streaming Services

Unless you’re completely detached from society, you’re probably familiar with streaming services. These exciting media platforms have been dominating the entertainment field lately, and rightly so! Unlike traditional television, streaming services offer users thousands of TV shows and movies they can watch on-demand. Users are free to choose whatever tickles their fancy out of these massive collections and watch it whenever they want on a range of different devices.

A slight hiccup that Bitcoin users may run into when browsing these services is that most of the popular ones, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, aren’t Bitcoin-friendly. While this is a bit disappointing, Bitcoin enthusiasts have found a quick solution to this problem. By visiting online crypto shops like Coinsbee, users can buy a variety of gift cards, including ones for streaming platforms. They can use these gift cards for subscriptions and enjoy binging fan-favorite shows.

Bitcoin & Live Casino Games

It’s no secret that Bitcoin has been a staple in online casinos for years now. While these websites are fun, they can cost a pretty penny. Because of this, giving your Bitcoin savings a boost by visiting cryptoengine.io might be a good idea. With the help of the advanced AI tech these apps use, you can earn a nice sum without putting in much effort. The AI trading robots will scour the market for great investment opportunities while you sit back and relax. Best of all, while trading knowledge can be helpful when using this software, it’s not necessary!

Once you’ve got enough Bitcoin set aside, you can use some of it to set up a gambling budget for your online casino visit. Currently, the most popular games with these operators are the Live casino games. These games use live streaming tech to provide a more immersive casino experience, allowing players to interact with real-life dealers! If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a casino in your bedroom, this is one way to find out!

Bitcoin & Live Streaming Platforms

With gaming becoming one of the most popular hobbies worldwide, it’s not shocking to see live streaming platforms that mostly stream gaming content become a smash hit right now. Luckily for non-gamers, these platforms have grown exponentially very quickly and now host much more than just gaming streams! Viewers can watch a plethora of content creators as they stream their gaming sessions, their workout routines, and can even have a virtual chat with them over drinks.

Like with online casinos, Bitcoin’s been a part of the live streaming world of Twitch for a bit now. Viewers that like the content they’re consuming can support their favorite creators by leaving them Bitcoin tips. Cryptocurrency has become such a popular topic on live streaming platforms like Twitch that you can find Bitcoin and Crypto sections full of streamers discussing it! While they might not break records like when prominent figures decide to pop in for a stream, they can be pretty interesting to follow if you’re a Bitcoin fan.

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