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Published 2013-10-09 00:12:43

Kickstarter is one of the world’s leading crowdfunding platform which allows anyone in the world to fund interesting projects.

One of their main categories is fashion. Hundreds of fashion related campaigns have been run on Kickstarter, and these two projects will let you rethink the retail industry and their margins.

1. THE 10-YEAR HOODIE: Built for Life, Backed for a Decade!

Of its original $50,000 funding goal, the campaign has attracted over 9,226 global backers pledging a total of $1,053,830 in support to the campaign. So what so special about the project?

According to the campaign description, The 10-Year Hoodie is a Super Premium, unisex sweatshirt made with only the finest of materials. Not only is it 100% made in America, it is also guaranteed to last at least a decade and backed with free mending. With a cost of $89, you are able to get your hands on the hoodie.

2. GUSTIN: Redefining premium menswear, starting with denim

Of its original $20,000 funding goal, the campaign has attracted over 4,010 global backers pledging a total of $449,654 in support to the campaign. So what so special about the project? Similarly, the campaign description shed some light into why people bought into the vision of Gustin, the company behind the campaign.

Gustin focuses on designing premium denim which sold at the best boutiques in the country. Having earned a reputation for classic styling, impeccable quality and superb fit, Gustin makes sure that its customer dictate what kind of clothing they would produce next.

Perhaps another similarity for these two wildly successful fashion campaign is this: both of them are sold directly at wholesale price.

Premium sweatshirts cost anywhere from $130 to $190 in department stores, while Gustin jeans are available at a retailer at $205. Cutting out the middlemen, the 10 year old hoodie can be sold at only $89 (at least 30% savings), and you can get your hands on Gustin at $81 (at least 60% savings).

Both the campaign shows the retailers are taking at least 40% in margins (in the case of the hoodie) up to 150% (in the case of Gustin) margins, and that consumers are voting with their money that they are looking around for cheaper alternatives.

And they are turning to e commerce and technology to look for these alternatives.

The two kickstarter campaigns are among the most funded in the fashion category.

So the next time you are bargaining with a retailer, or when you are thinking to buy that nice looking hoodie or jeans, know that you can get them at a way cheaper wholesale price.

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