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It’s hard to deny that Malaysia’s a nation of foodies, but when it comes to steak, this connoisseur still thinks we aren’t too well-versed in it yet. So Mirza and his mum, Idora took matters into their own hands and started Steakmoooo in late March 2020.

“My goal for Steakmoooo is not only to sell steaks at an affordable price but also to educate Malaysians on how to properly eat steak and cook at home,” Mirza explained to Vulcan Post. 

His opinion has some weight to it. Most Malaysians associate steak with dining out or a celebratory meal that you won’t have often, and good steak is pricey, which makes it expensive for many of us to refine our palate.

Understanding the limitations that most locals have and seeing the opportunity that the pandemic presented, Mirza and his mother felt compelled to make steaks more accessible.

What they bring to the table

Steakmoooo’s meat comes frozen from Australia, and they have a Premium line featuring cuts that were grain-fed, with a Regular line for a mix of grain-fed and grass-fed cattle meat.

On their platform, you can find cuts of Australian wagyu, premium black Angus sirloin, premium black Angus tomahawk, rib-eyes, and t-bones. The pricing of these cuts are as such:

Australian wagyu1pc x 250gRM68
Angus-sirloin1pc x 250gRM48
Sirloin2pcs x 200gRM38
Rib-eye2pcs x 200gRM48
T-bone2pcs x 330gRM98

From my research on the local prices of steak cuts, they are cheaper, but not significantly. While some of their cuts are priced slightly lower than competitors’, a few of them are priced higher.

For example, their rib-eyes are slightly more expensive than the ones sold at Jaya Grocer, but that could also be because they’re not selling it at 1kg like Jaya Grocer is.

Their tomahawks are also more expensive than other tomahawks I found on The Wagyu KL and Feast Market, but slightly cheaper than Ava Store‘s price.

Feasting with their tomahawks / Image Credit: Steakmoooo

That being said though, their rib-eyes, and sirloins (Angus, wagyu, etc.) generally are sold slightly cheaper than some butcher places like Buy Meats. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that these price differences could be due to where the meat is from, the suppliers’ pricing, and other factors.

Some ways that Steakmoooo is adding value to their service is by marinating their steak cuts for customers at no extra cost, and being willing to guide them on how to cook steak at home. 

Staying ahead of their competition

On average, they’re able to sell all their fresh steak cuts out within a week by keeping a low stock quantity and a fast restocking rate, which also means they only need one freezer for the business currently.

But they’re aware of how low the barriers of entry are to this business, hence they’re always on their toes to stay ahead of their competitors which include restaurants and fine dining spots. 

More of these steak creations / Image Credit: Steakmoooo

They’ve identified 2 distinct categories of fans and customers so far: those who are new to steak themselves, and those who are steak enthusiasts. Their platform has more to offer for the former since they’re setting themselves apart by becoming a steak education platform for their consumers. 

On their Instagram, you’ll find that most of their posts have educational content like infographics on steak cuts and how to cook steak. 

“We also guide customers through text and call when they have inquiries on the steaks too,” they shared. As it’s an online business that doesn’t meet customers face-to-face, It’s a good way to foster connection between the brand and customers, which also increases trust in the business and makes it more memorable.

For steak enthusiasts who already have preferences, Steakmoooo caters to them by being able to personalise orders.

A family business

Mirza handles Steakmoooo’s social media and curates its content while his mother handles sales and operations, as he’s actually still studying in Canada right now. He’s a finance student in his 4th year.

The man behind all the education / Image Credit: Steakmoooo

“Juggling the business with studies isn’t too bad because I am not handling sales. But last year when I was back home and had classes and internships, juggling these with the business was hard,” he shared with Vulcan Post. 

He has no plans to venture into Steakmoooo full-time despite it being a lucrative business, preferring to keep it as a side business and his options open. Idora is also not working full-time on Steakmoooo as she’s focused on running her design, advertising, and social media company.

For now, they want to add more products and varieties of steak cuts to their menu, with cooked steak being an idea they might toy around with. That being said, Mirza is confident that raw cuts would still make up their core business.

As they sell, they’ll continue educating too, whether through Instagram videos, TikToks, or one-on-one communication with their customers.

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Featured Image Credit: Mirza and Idora, founders of Steakmoooo

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