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As a four-eyed person who can barely make out words an arm’s length away without my glasses, the pandemic highlighted an unexpected issue.

When wearing an ill-fitting face mask, my glasses might fog up. I am forced to make a decision there and then: do I remove my glasses and wipe the fog away with my shirt, or stand there like a dummy, waiting for the fog to clear away?

Both predicaments present a tricky scenario.

Touching my spectacles will mean that I am potentially contaminating them with my hands or my shirt and vice versa, while the latter means that I’m wasting time unnecessarily. Like many others, I sometimes forget that exposed eyes can be a source of infection too.

While I’m sure other bespectacled buddies can relate, there’s a group that is at a higher risk, the healthcare frontliners. They don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from head to toe for a full workday. I can’t even begin to imagine the hassle they have to go through if their glasses fog up, or even worse, handling a contaminated pair of glasses while assisting those in need. 

Doctors in full PPE gear / Image Credit: KKM on Facebook

And as the cases continue to fluctuate in the thousands, Metro Optical Group (MOG), an established local optical brand, decided to step in and offer a helping hand in one way they can⁠—by providing additional protection and peace of mind to the healthcare frontliners, through their newly-introduced antiviral lenses from ZEISS.

Did you know: MOG was founded in 1996 by two brothers, Dato’ Frankie Ng & Dato’ Henry Ng. The duo built up the company with a simple vision. “To Help The World See Better”. Later on, Datin Bernice Low joined the duo and in just 25 years, the company mushroomed to over 95 outlets across Peninsular Malaysia to deliver quality eye care and modern eyewear shopping experience to the masses. 

Dato’ Frankie Ng, the Chairman of Metro Optical Group said: “While the past year has been particularly challenging for many, it is our unspoken principle to continue delivering exemplary eye care experience through continuous innovation in both products and services.”

From L to R: Datin Bernice Low, Dato’ Frankie Ng and Dato’ Henry Ng / Image Credit: MOG

Through a collaboration with ZEISS, a world-leading optical manufacturer with 175 years of pioneering optical innovation, MOG introduces the ZEISS AntiVirus Lens, one of the latest creations in the optical industry. These lenses are unique because they are created with a special coating that can deactivate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

The science behind the AntiVirus lens

According to ZEISS, the AntiVirus lenses are coated using a special process that introduces antimicrobial silver ions that are deposited onto the surface of the lens at high temperatures. 

When droplets of water that carry bacteria and viruses land on the lens surface, the silver ions (Ag+) will then directly and indirectly interact with the contaminants, deactivating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Note: External institutes validated and tested ZEISS AntiVirus lenses according to ISO 21702:2019(E) “Measurement of antiviral activities of enveloped viruses on plastic and non-porous surfaces” and ISO 22196:2011 “Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces”.

Silver nanoparticles have been studied extensively previously for their antimicrobial properties and have been proven to be effective growth inhibitors in various microorganisms. Some wound dressings contain silver as well for improved wound healing.

While it is still better to clean everything thoroughly, wear proper protection and maintain personal hygiene, the ZEISS Antivirus Lenses provide an additional measure of protection and peace of mind. 

In addition to the DuraVision Antivirus Platinum coating, the lens comes with full UV protection, anti-reflection and dirt-resistant capabilities.

Adding a layer of protection for the frontliners

If you’re a healthcare frontliner with a valid medical practitioner ID, MOG’s latest iCare4U programme will see 10,000 frontliners obtain a RM400 subsidy for the ZEISS AntiVirus Lens.

Here’s the full list of what the healthcare frontliners can receive from the programme:

  1. A RM400 ZEISS AntiVirus Lens Subsidy
  2. A complimentary ZEISS Anti-Fog Kit + 12 pieces of ZEISS Lens Wipes (worth RM46)
  3. A comprehensive eye test (worth up to RM180)
Image Credit: MOG

As for how you can redeem your subsidy, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register your interest in the ZEISS AntiVirus Lens Subsidy here
  2. Visit your preferred MOG Store within 1 month of registration. Click here for all MOG outlet locations
  3. Show your Medical ID card in-store for verification
  4. Claim your subsidy and care pack in-store, with full professional consultation in a safe and regularly sanitised environment 


While having the lenses might not completely mitigate your risk of contamination, MOG still wishes to alleviate the fears of COVID-19 while you battle on. Having them and the anti-fog kit will give you a bit more peace of mind because it’s one less worry and that’s what MOG wants to offer.

Even if you’re not a healthcare frontliner, you can still purchase the antiviral lens from MOG outlets for that extra layer of protection. 

  • Sign up for MOG’s iCare4U programme here.
  • If you’re not a frontliner but wish to have the antiviral lens, you can book your appointment in advance here.
  • If you are vaccinated, you can redeem your free lens or free frame from MOG here.

Featured Image Credit: MOG

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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