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Having eyelashes of the perfect style and length is often a struggle for many.

QuincyLash founder Yingxi Lim faced the same problem. The 33-year-old told Vulcan Post that she tried eyelash extensions but found them expensive and troublesome to maintain, while glue-on lashes were extremely messy and difficult to put on.

When she found out about the existence of magnetic eyelashes, she fell in love with the product and bought a big batch just to make sure she had enough stock for personal use.

She started giving them out to her friends when they expressed interest in the product, and that was when she realised she had a product that could sell.

The consultant in a fintech company had always wanted to start a business with her husband, Linus Lim. Hence, the two of them set out to launch QuincyLash, a magnetic eyelash brand, in March 2020.

Specially for Asian eyes

Image Credit: QuincyLash

QuincyLash’s magnetic lash product development is centred around Asian women.

“This translates to the designs we carry and the lash length. Designs are more subtle instead of drama queen loud, and lashes are also cut shorter to fit most Asian eyes,” explained Yingxi.

To put on the eyelashes, users apply an eyeliner infused with magnets. After the eyeliner dries, the lashes can then be popped onto the eyelids.

How to put on QuincyLash’s magnetic eyelashes / Image Credit: QuincyLash

Besides being simpler to put on, it also does not place undue stress on one’s natural eyelashes, like what lash extensions and clip-on magnetic lashes do.

At launch, QuincyLash only had two magnetic lash designs — Esme and Mira. Esme gives wearers are dramatic look, while Mira us ultra-feminine.

Yingxi said that initially, they had thought that women preferred lashes that are bolder and more dramatic. However, they received multiple requests for more subtle designs, and thus, more new designs were created.

Image Credit: QuincyLash

QuincyLash now has six designs — Esme, Mira, Cora, Kitty, Lucia and Luna.

The team has also recently, in April, upgraded the lashes available from five to 10 magnets. It is also the first in Singapore to introduce a 10-magnet magnetic lash.

Previously, some customers had to manually trim the lashes as they were too long for their eyes, cutting down the magnets from five to four. This affected the hold strength of the lashes, and also led to the lash bands being suspended freely as there were no magnets supporting it.

To make the experience better for customers, the team decided to upgrade the lashes to 10 magnets, which not only provided a stronger hold, but allowed customers to cut the lashes to fit their eyes better.

Even though most customers do not need to cut their lashes, they can do so in a more precise manner if needed now.

Achieving a 6-figure revenue

To date, QuincyLash is profitable, and has sold over 5,000 pairs of lashes so far with a strong base of repeat customers in Singapore.

According to the founders, its revenue is also in the six figures range.

This is our first time creating a brand and we are so happy that people are buying our product. The biggest success to us is customers telling us how much they like it, referring to their friends and telling us how our lashes make them feel beautiful. 

Yingxi and Linus Lim, Co-founders of QuincyLash

It also has purchases from Asian women in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

The brand’s focus on quality is one of the key reasons for its popularity. The team had initially put off its launch date for a couple of months as they did not want to take the chance on a product of poor quality.

They thus chose not to settle for a supplier until they found one that could provide them with the quality they wanted. They also implemented a 14-day replacement policy for any faulty lashes, and individually hand-check all lashes before shipping them out to customers.

Now, our product development is very organic. The couple looks for solutions to improve the lashes based on customer feedback and the problems customers face with QuincyLash’s existing lashes.

They also plan to continue expanding QuincyLash’s magnetic lash product line, and consistently introduce more designs that Asian women love.

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Featured Image Credit: Quincy Lash

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