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While the Covid-19 crisis has negatively impacted our businesses, it has sparked a boom in e-commerce as online orders surged.

Many businesses have also pivoted online and offered delivery services to adapt to this digital shift. 

To meet this increased demand, logistics and delivery firm Lalamove is stepping up its game to ensure that it continues to provide reliable delivery services. 

“Online demand is not going away, and it is going to be part and parcel of our everyday lives,” said Lalamove.

“The need for logistics partners or service providers has grown dramatically over the past year or so due to the pandemic. We ensure that businesses can fulfil as many deliveries as possible in a time when the demand for deliveries has increased.”

How it’s enabling speedy deliveries for all

Established in 2013, Lalamove provides courier services on demand in over 20 cities globally. Their mission is simple: they want to make on-demand and same-day delivery possible for everyone at the touch of a button. 

After all, as consumers, we do wish to have our parcels delivered safely right to our doorsteps on time. To facilitate that, Lalamove’s orders are accepted almost instantly and deliveries are completed in under an hour.

The logistics company said that it had anticipated the surge in online orders following the onset of Covid-19, so it has aggressively hired more drivers to meet the demand.

With the expansion of its delivery fleet, Lalamove now has a fleet of over 50,000 local drivers and over 700,000 drivers worldwide. 

Although certain areas like business districts are known to have high volumes of deliveries, this does not faze Lalamove. In fact, the company has achieved a high rate of completed deliveries islandwide.

Image Credit: Lalamove

Lalamove also has a wide variety of vehicle types to tackle the toughest and most congested roads.

It has vehicles for various uses including vans and multi-purpose vehicles for multi-stop e-commerce deliveries, as well as motorcycles and cars to power Singapore’s food delivery landscape. 

For large and temperature-sensitive goods, firms can also tap on Lalamove’s lorries and refrigerated trucks.

Therefore, instead of buying a new vehicle or hiring a dedicated staff to conduct deliveries, businesses can simply rely on Lalamove for on-demand deliveries. 

Business owners can choose a vehicle type that best suits their delivery needs and budget, allowing them to scale up or cut back on their operations accordingly.

How else businesses can benefit from Lalamove

Image Credit: Lalamove

Lalamove’s delivery services are largely catered to businesses.

It currently serves over 5,000 corporate users, which includes restaurants, retail chains, e-commerce businesses, and independent brick-and-mortar stores. This diverse mix of clients indicate the versatility of the business.

Lalamove also supports cold-chain last-mile services. This includes business-to-consumer deliveries, meat and seafood deliveries, and wholesale deliveries to restaurants and eateries.

“We help enterprises from a wide array of industries to scale and outsource their deliveries according to their needs,” said Lalamove. 

Beyond getting Lalamove to fulfill their delivery needs, businesses will have a personal account executive to help them with their operations.

When the companies scale up and require more support for delivery processes, they can also tap on application programming interface (API) integration to seamlessly schedule deliveries for a smoother delivery process.

This eventually helps them to reduce costly manpower, and reducing such fixed costs is extremely crucial during this pandemic as it can help to improve cash flow.

Moreover, Lalamove’s on-demand business model allows users to pay for only what they need, so that they can save costs during non-peak periods.

This means that even when sales are slow during this Covid-19 period, business owners need not worry. They can simply scale up as and when the demand picks up. 

Additionally, Lalamove’s multi-stop orders feature also helps firms to save costs by refining delivery processes. Businesses can book a vehicle and schedule up to 19 delivery locations, while optimising routes at the same time.

Businesses also have the ability to track the location of their packages in real-time on the mobile or web app so they can monitor the delivery.

Competitive rates and no hidden costs

Another great thing about Lalamove is that it is transparent in its pricing so you can easily calculate the delivery fees required.

Comparing Lalamove’s fees to its competitors, its delivery fee is at least S$0.30 cheaper per kilometre for its vans and lorries.

Unlike its competitors which charge by cartons, Lalamove charges by weight and offers a larger size limit, which makes it the ideal choice for moving bulky items like beds and furniture.

Customers can also get the driver’s help with moving for free. 

lalamove pricing
Image Credit: Lalamove

Meanwhile, the base fee for a lorry delivery using Lalamove is S$42, with a S$0.75 charge per kilometre, which is at least S$18 cheaper than its competitors.

The application also provides delivery services that are cost-flexible, such as pay-per-use and no monthly fixed cost or commitment fee, making it convenient for those who require deliveries on-demand.

Save time and money with Lalamove

Image Credit: Lalamove

With its years of experience spent navigating Singapore roads and honing its delivery algorithm, Lalamove has managed to stay one step ahead of its competitors. 

Its transparent and competitive pricing also gives it an edge above all the competition. This is why even smaller businesses that can’t afford to build its own in-house delivery fleet can tap on Lalamove’s services so it doesn’t miss out on the fast-moving shift towards digitalisation.

Its cost-flexible and low commitment options are particularly helpful for companies that are more prudent in managing their cash flow and operational costs during this pandemic.

Tapping on Lalamove’s expertise in logistics can bring companies benefits beyond saving time and money. 

The rapid digital shift has made the online market more saturated. With stiffer competition, it becomes even more crucial for businesses to level up their service standards and delivery is one aspect that they cannot afford to overlook.

A reliable and trustworthy delivery partner is therefore necessary — business owners can turn to Lalamove to fulfil their delivery needs, and focus on other aspects of their business functions. 

Lalamove offers 24/7 on-demand deliveries islandwide and with one of the largest fleets in Singapore, you can depend on them to deliver your items anywhere, anytime. 

For companies looking for a reliable and cost-effective delivery service, you can find out more and register with Lalamove here.

This article is written in collaboration with Lalamove.

Featured Image Credit: Lalamove

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