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When it comes to phone plans, it’s always a debate between a sim-only (SIMO) plan and contract plan. According to Asia Insight’s research, about one in two (47 per cent) are on SIMO plans without mobile phones. 

A SIMO plan is preferred if your phone is in relatively good condition and if you don’t want to be tied down with a contract. However, a SIMO plan might appear cheaper at first glance, but when you add in the cost of a new phone, it does amount to a king’s ransom. 

Even though the cost of a phone from a telco and a distributor is the same, SIMO customers feel that phones from telcos are more expensive. 

Therein lies the Catch-22 — if your phone is outdated and when you want to upgrade it, judging from the prices of phones these days, it might help if you have an inheritance waiting. 

SIMO plans allow you the wiggle room, but it is particularly costly to upgrade your phone to a newer model.

Another reason why contract plans are preferred might result from social norms where customers are used to buying handsets with two-year plans from a telco. It’s 2021, and it’s time to take charge of your phone plan and get yourself closer to that dream phone that you’ve been yearning for. 

Being the innovative telco giant that they are, StarHub is changing up the game with the launch of EasyGo

EasyGo is an improved monthly instalment payment method that only applies to their SIMO — no contract plans or one-year plans, making it easy for you to get your hands on whatever phone you want. 

To make things easier, we’ve broken down three key reasons why you should sign up for EasyGo:

No upfront cost 

starhub easygo
Image Credit: StarHub

The first thing you have to love about StarHub’s EasyGo is that there is no upfront cost. When you purchase your SIMO plan, you canopy for your bite-sized monthly instalments over 12 or 24 months. 

If you are an existing StarHub mobile customer looking to switch to a SIMO plan, you can use your loyalty voucher to offset the payment of the device of your choice at the point of re-contract to a SIMO plan with EasyGo.

With phones costing a pretty penny, you don’t want to fork out more unnecessary money on your phone when you could be taking a cruise or spending on a meal at a fancy restaurant.

EasyGo basically acts as a buy now, pay later option. It’s a win-win option: you get more flexibility in managing your finances, and at the same time, you can instantly get your hands on the phone you want.

No minimum contract 

starhub easygo
Image Credit: StarHub

Like one of our great new-age philosophers, Lizzo proclaims you don’t want anything to hold you back when you’re living your best life. 

That’s the same thing StarHub EasyGo wants for you. With no minimum contract, you’re not tied down and have the flexibility to pay with this payment instalment plan. 

With EasyGo, you can decide to clear all instalment payments early at one go without any termination, administration, or other hidden fees. 

Plus, you retain full ownership of your device — that’s the real cherry on top.

Also, if you are one of those people that need several phones (for business and personal use), you would be pleased to know that you can opt for EasyGo for up to six lines. 

No interest

starhub easygo
Image Credit: StarHub

The thing about interest is that it is usually not in your interest. With StarHub’s EasyGo, they are thinking about you by having no interest fees.

After all, adulting is by no means an economical endeavour. With new bills to pay and the rising housing costs, having these bite-sized monthly instalments at zero per cent is one less thing to worry about, for sure.

This way, you don’t have to eat a month of instant noodles to meet those interest fees. 

How to sign up for EasyGo?

If you’re still on the fence, hop off it and join the side where the grass is indeed greener with StarHub. 

With the convenience of StarHub EasyGo and the customisable features of SIMO plans, the answer is as clear as the Super Retina XDR display of your new phone. 

Get your dream phone at S$0 upfront without a contract, and pay for it in bite-sized instalments with zero interest. Sign up for StarHub’s SIMO plans with EasyGo here

This article was written in collaboration with StarHub.

Featured Image Credit: StarHub

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