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Before continuing this piece, there are 2 things you need to know about me. One, is that I believe in instant gratification over whatever it is that people with patience subscribe to. Two, I’ve been a Grab Platinum user for years.

I am usually happy to pay for convenience but get tempted by good deals. And whenever I make any online orders, I’d like them delivered yesterday. 

Which then brings me to 2 features recently announced by Grab Malaysia.

1. Delivery fees starting from RM1 for nearby businesses

Seasoned GrabFood users would already know of the “Delivery for RM3 or less” section in the app, but Grab has now released a dedicated “Near Me” tile

Essentially, restaurants within a three kilometer radius of your stated address are now grouped there, and Grab is subsidising the delivery fees for these restaurants to as low as RM1. Of course, this does depend on the area you are in—on a quick check today, my cheapest delivery rates were RM2. 

With the goal of making it even easier for consumers to support their neighbourhood restaurants. Grab’s subsidies mean that the delivery-partners’ income is not affected. You can order in peace, without negatively impacting the abang riders.

Savvy consumers will also know to look out for ongoing promotions like HotDeals and the monthly Minggu Peniaga Kecil, to get good deals and affordable meals.

Here’s a step-to-step guide on how to find the “Near Me” tile:

Near Me Grab Feature 

2. Guaranteed delivery times

There are times when life or work just get in the way and we end up only thinking about meals at the last minute, when we’re already starving. The ensuing wait and potential delays can sometimes be more than we want to deal with when we are in that mood. 

“Premium Delivery” with guaranteed delivery time was created for time-pressed consumers, but in my head, clearly for hangry people too—like myself.

When Grab piloted the feature in August, they reported that one in three consumers opted for Premium Delivery during peak hours. 

If you don’t get the orders in the stipulated time range as indicated on the Grab app, you will be compensated with GrabFood vouchers. Do note that orders eligible for Premium Delivery do not include self pick-up orders, cash orders, business orders, and orders fulfilled by the restaurant’s own delivery fleet.

This option will be introduced in phases starting with Klang Valley, so you can keep an eye out for it during the checkout process when ordering.

Premium Delivery Grab Feature 

For people who actually plan ahead, Grab also has options for scheduling deliveries at a later time or even self pick-ups.

GrabFood is already my first choice when it comes to food deliveries, and it is improvements like these that make it a very competitive option in today’s market that prioritises a delicate balance of affordability versus convenience.

There will also be many keeping a close eye on how the platform will keep operations sustainable for all its other stakeholders too, such as merchants, drivers, and delivery partners seeking income opportunities.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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