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The year is 1997. The Petronas Twin Towers were recognised as the world’s tallest buildings, the Touch ‘n Go e-payment was launched, and the fourth Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, announced a new initiative called the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) to usher Malaysia into a digital era. 

That was also the year SRKK (Sistem RKK Sdn Bhd), a local IT solutions provider, was founded.

The MSC initiative brought big-name tech brands into Malaysia and many of them were looking to secure partnerships with local distributors and resellers.

The building blocks of the company

At the beginning, the company struggled to get their name out there and could only sell cloned, unbranded computers. Despite that, the co-founders continued on, fuelled by their passion to provide local businesses with affordable IT solutions.

What SRKK needed was a new edge to stand out. The current CEO of SRKK, Yew Lip Sin joined in 2000, having worked as an automation engineer with Hewlett Packard (HP) previously. He saw the inner workings and the quality of the HP products, and his first action in his new role? Approach his ex-employer.

That was when HP partnered with SRKK. That agreement still holds until today and remains one of SRKK’s largest partnerships to date. 21 years after leaving HP, Lip Sin still believes that their products strike the right balance between quality and affordability.

SRKK’s team / Image Credit: SRKK

When Lip Sin joined SRKK, they only had 5 to 6 employees. But fast forward to today, the company is now over 100+ strong, and has a corporate office located in TTDI. They also have 5 offices in ideal locations across ASEAN.

Continuing their strategic growth, in June of 2021, SRKK announced a merger with Integricity Technology. This merger will see SRKK further expanding their software solutions alongside their hardware offerings to provide an all-in-one IT solution experience for the customers.

Providing businesses with affordable solutions

SRKK’s current position in the market allows them to see the pain-points commonly experienced by business owners, and customise unique solutions that suit the season.

With their industry experience, they identified the following 4 points as current issues surrounding a business’ hardware:

  1. Using slow, outdated laptops leads to productivity loss and security risks 
  2. It’s expensive and troublesome to upgrade in the current economic climate
  3. With WFH becoming increasingly prevalent, productivity is heavily impacted when computers break down
  4. Security suffers with WFH and without proper PC management such as patches or updates

Bearing the issues above, SRKK is working with HP to offer businesses a leasing solution with DaaS (Device as a Service) included. 

Simply put, this is an all-in-one solution for businesses to lease IT devices from SRKK with managed services from the company without heavy capital investment. This leasing service will allow your company to have updated devices, with software managed by SRKK.

By partnering up with HP, SRKK can also provide a range of HP devices to the businesses, such as the HP ProBook 440 and the HP ZBook Firefly at affordable monthly rates.

The HP ProBook 440 / Image Credit: HP

In comparison, purchasing 20 units of HP ProBook 440 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 14-inch display, weighing 1.38kg) for your staff would require a capital investment of around RM71,640. Whereas, if you lease 20 units of the HP ProBook 440 (same specs) will cost you RM25,312 per year, or RM2,109 per month from SRKK.

The HP ProBook 440 is a workstation laptop, equipped with the 11th Generation Intel Core processors and comes with a 14-inch display that is anti-glare. So for those who like to work in brightly lit locations won’t have to worry about the lights reflecting off the screen.

The device is also equipped with the latest HP security solutions such as the HP Privacy Camera, which allows the user to manually close the webcam and HP Sure Start Gen 6 to automatically recover the laptop when attacked or corrupted. 

SRKK will also bundle in additional services such as their Proactive Services, which’ll pre-alert users that their device might be faulty, so they can get it patched up before it hits a critical stage. Alongside that, SRKK will also provide businesses with a hassle-free automatic update service. So your staff will always have the latest updates and security patches.

Businesses get a 3-year warranty for their purchases, and SRKK has a dedicated warranty department to answer all device-related queries that their customers have. Through SRKK’s service, businesses will not have to be stuck with the same old devices for their staff or their servers, and they can receive an upgrade every two or three years at a minimal cost.

With this partnership, such as the one with HP, SRKK is in a prime position to offer businesses an all-in-one solution for their IT devices, from setting up, software installation, device security management to device disposal.

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Featured Image Credit: SRKK

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