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Being a parent is one of the hardest tasks ever known to mankind. How do you know if your child is unwell, or if something that you’re doing hurts them?

Trimming baby’s fingernails in particular can be a scary affair for most parents as it puts a child at risk of experiencing pain or bleeding that is caused when you cut the nails too short.

Even trimming a toddler’s fingernails can be a tough task, especially with an active child who is constantly running around.

It’s also important to note that a baby’s fingernails grow quite fast, so it’s necessary to trim them at least once a week lest it cause scratches to their delicate skin.

As nail-trimming becomes a regular activity for parents, it is heartening to know that there’s actually a safe way to go about doing it.

This device ensures zero risk of bleeding or cuts

vanrro baby electric nail trimmer
Image Credit: VP Label

With the Vanrro Baby Electric Nail Trimmer, the risks of your child experiencing bleeding or cuts stands at zero per cent as the device is designed to have no skin contact with your child.

The device is an electric nail trimmer which files down nails instead of clipping them. This is done by simply inserting the nail and rotating it around for a fast and even trim.

It features a patented blade that is gentle on the skin, as it includes a U-shaped head that is designed to fit over a baby’s finger or toe.

The blade is designed with three levels of protection and provides total protection to the baby’s tiny fingers, while keeping their nail edges neat and smooth at the same time.

The device also includes a built-in LED lighting function that allows parents to trim their child’s nails in a dark room whilst having full visibility of their fingers and nails. This is especially handy for parents who like to cut their child’s nails when they are sound asleep.

With the light function, they don’t have to switch on the lights and risk wakening their child. Additionally, the device is equipped with a low vibration motor that creates minimal noise when in use.

The device also features an in-built UV sterilisation technology that disinfects and sanitises whenever it’s plugged in for charging. This ensures the nail clipper is safe, clean and bacteria-free as it kills up to 99.9 per cent of all bacteria.

Moreover, this Covid-19 pandemic has increased the levels of consciousness on hygiene, and parents no longer need to worry of any unwanted bacteria building up against their child.

The Vanrro Baby Electric Nail trimmer also comes with a removable cap, which helps to collect the nail scraps during the trimming process, making the clean-up fuss-free.

Furthermore, baby nails are much smaller and finer, so it is often easy to miss out picking up the nail scraps. The fact that this device is equipped with a removable cap makes it convenient for parents to discard it afterwards.

Your child will never outgrow the device

vanrro baby electric nail trimmer
Image Credit: Vanrro Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

The Vanrro Baby Electric Trimmer offers two speed modes, which allows for the trimming of a child’s nails at their own pace. Over time, parents can increase it to a higher speed once they are more familiar with nail trimming.

Eventually, parents can also leave the nail trimming to their children once they’ve grown and become slightly independent. With this device, parents are given the assurance that their children will be able to trim their own nails the right way without the need for constant monitoring.

The Vanrro Baby Electric Nail Trimmer is indeed a lifesaver for parents. It helps to alleviate all forms of stress and anxiety that comes with trimming a baby’s nails, and is a worthy one-time investment for all parents.

With the upcoming festive season just around the corner, the Vanrro Baby Electric Nail Trimmer makes a perfect gift for parents.

You can purchase this device on VP Label here at a sale price of S$80. You can get an additional S$20 off your order when you checkout with Pace with the code ‘PACEVP20’.

Featured Image Credit: Vanrro Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

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