What the rivalries between Ronaldo and Messi have taught me.

Jean Khoo  |  Singapore
Published 2014-11-14 14:00:23

Ronaldo versus Messi is always a never-ending argument. Even if you are not an avid football lover, you may have heard of this comparison.

I am neither Team Ronaldo nor Team Messi because I like both of them. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are talented and popular in the world of football. Both are great players and they also have a lot in common. Therefore, they are often being compared. The most obvious similarities are their playing position and football team. They are both the forwards and they play for two of the top football team in La Liga, the professional football league in Spain. Ronaldo, the Real Madrid forward; Messi, the Barcelona forward.

In case you missed the sport news, Ronaldo, 29, was accused of giving his Barcelona counterpart some unflattering nickname such as ‘motherf*****’ in Messi, a book written by a football journalist named Guillem Balagué. Mentioned by Dailymail, Balagué described the relationship between the two as not friendly, but they act politely in public for the sake of the media. Here is an extract of the book.

Image Credit: Metro

Ronaldo has released a statement on his official Facebook page to deny the accusations and claim made by Balagué.

ronaldo facebook
Image Credit: Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook Page

Regardless the fact whether true or not, the debate between these two players have inspired me. Below are five things that I have learned from their comparison.

1. Do Not Trust Everything You See On The Internet

Not everything posted on the internet is true. Therefore, do some research before you put your trust on something. In addition this is a good practice to not trust everything you heard or see anywhere. It could be a false source. Balagué wrote that Ronaldo have given some horrible nickname for Messi, but does he have solid proof? Or this is just a childish act made to stir controversy in the media?

This actually goes to our daily conversations with people as well – we should not form our opinions based on just one side of story.

2. Never Give Up

Image Credit: Bleacher Report
Image Credit: Bleacher Report

Both players have suffered from medical difficulties when they were young. Ronaldo was diagnosed with a racing heart when he was 15 year old while Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Nevertheless, the sickness did not stop them from chasing their dream. Now Ronaldo and Messi are two of the greatest footballers in the field, internationally respected for their dedication and hard work in the field.

3. It Is Okay To Compare, But Not Overdoing It

Both players are tired of the endless comparison between both of them.

“Messi and I are different, that’s for sure. I respect him a lot,” Ronaldo was quoted saying by The Guardian. Messi also told reporters in Soccer Laduma “I’m not competing against Cristiano or anyone. I just do my job – I want to win titles.”

It is human instinct to compare ourselves to others. However, without even knowing it, you could end up comparing every single thing in your life to others: from salary to relationships. Overdoing it could accumulate unnecessary worry and stress on yourself, so always keep yourself up in high spirits and avoid spending time worrying about what other people have achieved. Simply put, focus on your capabilities and foster them.

Image Credit: Bleacher Report
Image Credit: Bleacher Report

4. Never Forget To Help The Unfortunate

Ronaldo and Messi are kind-hearted men.

They are both known to have done a lot of charity work. According to Express, Real Madrid forward Ronaldo also offered to help a 10 month old boy named Erik Ortiz Cruz by paying for a brain surgery he needed. He was asked by the boy parents to donate a football shirt in order to raise funds for the operation.

Messi, on the other hand, has established the Leo Messi Foundation, a charity that has offered Argentine Children health care and illness treatments in Spain.

5. Men Look Better With Age

Image Credit: Yabaleftonline
Image Credit: Yabaleftonline
Image Credit: Yabaleftonline

Need I say more?

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