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To the disappointment of all the knots and aches in my body, I’ve always regarded massages as a luxury I can’t afford.

How could I not, when so many decent massage chairs in the market have an average price of RM5-6K, with prices even going into the 7-digit zone for more high-end models?

My reality on all this may be about to change though, with Ihoco’s RM2,999 full-body massage chair.

Briefly, Ihoco is a wellness products brand that aims to provide affordable options to improve one’s comfort, posture, and general health.

But is Ihoco’s Comfort Massage Chair a case of “you get what you pay for”, or did it impress at its price point?

Settling into the seat

Learning how to operate the chair was simple as the manual provided easy step-by-step instructions. In a matter of minutes, I was able to utilise all the chair’s functions without needing to read the manual cover to cover.

The remote is easy to use too

I’ve sat in very cushiony massage chairs before, and while Ihoco’s Comfort Massage Chair isn’t quite as plush, I could still easily relax and fall asleep in it if I chose to.

I personally appreciated how it had the right number of features for me, as some higher-end massage chairs can get too overwhelming, while the cheaper ones lack options.

The Ihoco Comfort Massage Chair offers an 8D back massage roller, heat therapy functions, foot rollers, and a full-body airbag function. 

There’s also a seat vibration that’s supposed to loosen your muscles and enhance the massage’s effects on your hips and thighs.

8D refers to its 8 sets of simulated kneading and shiatsu massages which target the neck, shoulders, back, and waist/hips.

Manual: You can mix and match any combination of the above functions at a time, and control the speed, roller intensity, and air (for the airbags). It’s a fairly intuitive process, and I really liked that I knew what I would be getting each time I used the remote.

4 auto massage programme options: Choose between Full Body Recovery, Spa Therapy, Relax, and Balance. Despite these being auto, you can still adjust the speed, intensity, and air if the auto settings don’t satisfy you.

Each massage session (manual and auto) lasts 15 minutes, and you can customise the functions or switch between auto massage programmes without resetting the timer. Like with most other massage chairs, you can also adjust the tilt angle of the chair to your liking.

I’m normally someone who can’t stand strong massages, so I put all the functions on low-medium settings. That being said, the rollers and airbags were still firm enough that I could feel the knots in my torso and legs gradually being kneaded away, so the chair definitely did its job.

You can remove the cushioning for a more intense massage too

The chair was quite spacious, even more so because I’m of a smaller body frame, and Ihoco states that it can bear up to a maximum weight of 100kg.

A line-up of other affordable massage devices

Ihoco also has a host of other massage products for those who may not have the space at home for a massage chair, or who don’t want to invest straightaway in a full-body massage product.

To that end, we tried some of its other products such as the Ihoco WonderX Foot Massager, Ihoco Regen Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager, and Ihoco Zendise EMS Neck Massager.

1. Ihoco WonderX Foot Massager (RM1,599)

This product is designed for knee, leg, and foot care. It combines 3 built-in rollers per foot rest, airbag compresses, and a heat therapy function to relieve sore and aching feet.

I’ve recently been doing more walking, so my feet were definitely in need of some TLC (tender loving care), and this product hit the spot.

Though I’m sensitive to foot massages in general, I was able to manually control the functions to suit me on the built-in control panel. This was equally as user-friendly as the chair’s remote.

Apart from manually controlling it, you get 3 massage programmes: Revive, Tone, Reflexology. The leg and knee portion of this foot massager can also be rotated at a 140° angle, so you can rotate the foot massager to only massage your knees or even your thighs.

2. Ihoco Regen Shiatsu Back & Neck Massager (RM195)

If I still wasn’t convinced to buy a full-body massager, this product would be my personal next best choice. It’s essentially a multifunctional massager that fits your body contours, from your neck to your feet.

It’s got 4 massage nodes and a heating function to soothe your body and promote blood circulation. I liked how I could move it from my neck to my hips, the back of my thighs, calves, and even to massage my hands.

There’s a lot of versatility, and being more portable than the massage chair, you can use this on your bed, couch, office chair, and in the car, as it comes with a car plug adaptor.

The device also comes with an acupressure therapeutic wrap that simulates acupressure points. I found it to be too intense for me, but perhaps those who like deep tissue massages will better appreciate it.

3. Ihoco Zendise EMS Neck Massager (RM179)

Lightweight and portable.

EMS in this device stands for electrical muscle stimulation. Essentially, it uses microcurrent electrical impulses and a hot compress function to put your own muscles to work.

The currents make your neck muscles contract rhythmically, promoting relaxation and improved blood circulation at the end of each 15-minute session.

There are 5 massage modes: Combination, Massage, Beating, Scraping, and Acupuncture, which can be adjusted with 15 intensity settings.

This lightweight device is foldable too, making it portable for massages on the go. I found it hard to tell each mode from one another, but I could definitely feel my neck muscles contracting slightly (I used the lower intensity settings).

If I had to pick between this and a massager with physical nodes, however, I would prefer the latter. But for those who want the convenience of getting a massage on the go, this could be your preferred option as it’s wireless.


The Ihoco Comfort Massage Chair has a permanent price of RM2,999, and you can opt for a zero-interest instalment plan of up to 12 months (Public Bank) or 18 months (Maybank) using the respective banks’ credit card. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Ultimately, I would say that the Ihoco Comfort Massage Chair is a good compromise between price and function. The customisation and features it offers are enough for those who want pampering on a budget. 

  • You can learn more about the Ihoco Comfort Massage Chair here.

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