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Lockdowns have had an immense impact on the job landscape, not just in Malaysia but worldwide, forcing companies to pivot.

Most exist now relying on technology to sustain work remotely or to keep businesses running. This also pushed many operations into the digital space, therefore changing the kinds of jobs companies are looking for.

In a report by JobStreet, the recruitment platform identified some high-demand industries for jobs in Malaysia this 2022, based on current trends and industry projections.

1. IT and software development

Increased reliance on technology for digitalisation efforts has led to a direct impact on companies to hire in roles pertaining to the IT and software development industry.

Software and app developers are high in demand, as they will be building digital platforms for other businesses. Subsequent to this come roles for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers, whose responsibilities are to make a platform or app usable, enjoyable, and accessible.

With remote work now a norm, IT jobs are high in demand as well. They include positions in the fields of computer software, hardware, data storage and retrieval, as well as computer support.

Furthermore, positions such as system analysts and cyber security specialists are also important for companies that are building new IT systems and software.

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Companies looking to hire for jobs in such roles:

2. Digital marketing

As of 2020, 83% of the Malaysian population uses the internet, with ​​70% of them frequenting social networking apps, and 61% on shopping apps. Digital marketing has become crucial for brands to reach these prospective customers, thus making roles under this industry highly demanded. 

The roles under this umbrella consist of digital marketing specialists who are responsible for creating marketing campaigns and reporting results. Those with expertise in data analysis can also venture into a marketing analyst role.

Meanwhile, job seekers who have a passion for social media can find a role as social media managers. 

Companies are also seeking out content creators for marketing purposes, whether it’s a writer or editor for written content, or a video producer or graphic design artist for visual content. 

And to ensure content is able to reach audiences, they need to be optimised for search engines like Google. This makes specialists in search engine optimisation (SEO) in demand.

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Companies looking to hire for jobs in such roles:

3. Business development and sales

As the economy recovers, businesses will be opened up to new opportunities, which subsequently indicates a higher demand for employees in business development and sales. 

Companies will be looking to leverage unexplored revenue streams and marketing opportunities as the country adapts to the new normal. As such, business development and sales executives will need to be innovative. 

While people and communication skills are must-haves for this role, jobseekers with digital marketing knowledge would be valuable as well to generate more leads and increase conversion.

Companies looking to hire for jobs in such roles:

  • ZCOVA is hiring Jewellery Sales Consultants;
  • Kravve needs a Business Development Associate (Corporate Sales);
  • foodpanda Malaysia is looking for a Sales Support Executive (Johor), and Business Development Executives;
  • Signature Market is hiring a Sales Advisor;
  • Mossery needs a Business & Product Development Executive.

4. Finance 

Money makes the world go round, and finance roles will continue to be among the most in-demand jobs in Malaysia. 

They play an important part in guiding businesses through economic recovery and helping companies survive or thrive by maximising profits. 

As such, financial analysts, investment advisors, and accountants are essential positions. 

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Companies looking to hire for jobs in such roles:

  • Tohtonku is looking for a Financial Planning and Analysis Executive;
  • CALTRiX is hiring a Cloud Accountant;
  • SFW & Associates needs Accounts and Audit Assistants;
  • Viio Tech wants a ​​​​Finance Manager;
  • Aspiro is looking for an Accounts Analyst.

5. Medical 

Health has remained a priority to many, made even more vital due to the pandemic. To cater to those who require physical care, medical professionals such as doctors, specialists, and nurses, are high in demand.

Not only that, but the lockdowns pushing many into isolation have brought to light the importance of counselling and mental health services , which means certified counsellors, therapists, and psychiatrists, are crucial too.

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Companies looking to hire for jobs in such roles:


With our current hybrid work culture that’s still evolving, it’s likely that we’ll see these job roles expanding and branching out to accommodate the economy’s needs.

Since we’re moving into the era of Web 3.0 too, it is worth keeping our eyes on how the work landscape will shift. Companies would want to keep up with the trends, and will be looking for specialised talents who can bring them into Web 3.0.

Did you know: Web 3.0 is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web based on the blockchain.

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