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As Singapore establishes itself as a crypto hub, many local companies have been embracing NFTs.

One such company is Singapore-based crypto publication Chain Debrief, which recently raised US$900,000 funding in a seed round.

The round is led by angel investor Sim Jian Hong and supported by institutional investors QCP Capital, Gecko Ventures, Double Peak Group and Coinhako. Senior executives from Defiance Capital, Xfers, Mintable and other individual investors in the crypto space also participated in the funding round.

With this fresh injection of funding, Chain Debrief plans to expand its platform and continue building products focused on helping users to understand the crypto space.

One such product is a new platform called Pulse, which tracks decentralised applications activities through various blockchains.

Chain Debrief will offer exclusive access to Pulse to some of its users, and among those will be the holders of its upcoming genesis NFT collection Enlightened Rats.

The meaning behind Enlightened Rats

Founded in early 2021, Chain Debrief is dubbed as a “gateway into the world of cryptocurrency”. It aims to inform, educate and connect the global investment community — beginners or advanced users alike — through its editorial platform, video series and crypto communities.

In line with this goal on educating the masses on all things cryptocurrency-related, the Enlightened Rats collection takes a step into growing and fostering a new breed of crypto natives by narrating the situation that everyone is in: the rat race.

We are all busy at our jobs and competing with others to achieve money, power and status, but the Chain Debrief team believes that being equipped with crypto knowledge can eventually help individuals exit the rat race.

enlightened rats nft
Image Credit: Enlightened Rats

“Enlightened Rats is a collection of 888 randomly generated NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, the first series to be released by a crypto media platform. Each NFT is unique, and a symbol of belief,” said Jacky Yap, founder of Chain Debrief.

However, it initially started out a small collection of only 555 NFTs.

“Our NFT strategy is more of a long-term plan and we wanted to start small first because we wanted to focus a lot on creating and accruing value for our NFT holders,” he reasoned.

“We want to assure our NFT holders that we are here to stay and that we are not here to simply jump on the hype. I think that’s the message that I hope our followers and community members, who have been with us since the start, can trust — that we are here to stay and build.”

He added that since the reveal of Enlightened Rats, which was conducted via livestream alongside co-founder Johnathan Chua, they have received overwhelming support for the collection.

In just two days of announcement, their website weblist has hit over 500 interested parties, despite the team not starting on any marketing efforts yet.

As such, the team has made the call to increase the number of available NFTs for mint to 888.

We still want to make sure that the collection remains exclusive, and at the same time, include a bigger genesis community which we had largely underestimated.

With the slight increase in supply, what this means is that we are able to ensure that more people will be able to participate in the whitelist and they won’t have to wait for the public sale to mint. With the increase in supply, we are also able to have more holders that are vested in our ecosystem to help us grow Chain Debrief together.

– Jacky Yap, founder of Chain Debrief

What are the perks of owning an Enlightened Rat?

enlightened rats
Image Credit: Enlightened Rats

When it comes to the utilities, the Chain Debrief team is very focused on delivering and creating value for its NFT holders.

First and foremost, they would have the ownership of the very first NFT collection of Chain Debrief.

NFT holders will have complimentary access to their new product Chain Debrief Pulse (as mentioned earlier), as well as exclusive whitelist for partner NFT collections.

“When we launch future NFT collections, Enlightened Rats holders will be auto-whitelisted and enjoy a discounted mint price,” said Jacky.

Additionally, NFT holders will have access to all future crypto-related events organised by, or partnered with, Chain Debrief.

There will also be other lifestyle utilities, which the team will share more details on later.

We think of our NFT collection as like a membership, or an exclusive pass, to all the things that we are going to play or do.

It’s very important to me that the utility and value that we are driving doesn’t only exist in the crypto world, but also exists in the real world. [It’s] something that you can benefit from very quickly, as early as within this year.

– Jacky Yap, founder of Chain Debrief

How to get your hands on it?

Out of the 888 available Enlightened Rats, 800 will be available for mint and 88 will be reserved for the team and marketing.

Both pre-sale and public sale will take place on 5th February 2022 at 0.08 ETH per NFT.

For the pre-sale, anyone with a whitelist will be able to mint two Enlightened Rats per transaction for each wallet in a twenty four hour sale window.

The public sale will be available the next day, and the community will be able to mint up to five mints per transaction per wallet.

There will be 350 whitelist spots available for Enlightened Rats through community engagement in Chain Debrief’s Discord and social media platforms to ensure that everyone has an equal chance in earning the whitelist spots up until mint day.

The Chain Debrief team will also be keeping an eye out for active and helpful community members in various channels above and rewarding them an EnList as a reward. Other ways of getting an EnList include engaging in their social media pages through partnership giveaways.

You will be able to mint the Enlightened Rats NFT on its website, and when minting is over, you will be able to purchase it on secondary markets and OpenSea.

You can learn more about how to purchase an Enlightened Rat NFT here, and join its mailing list to be notified on its launch date.

“The Chain Debrief team is working everyday to accrue as much value to our NFT holders as possible, and this will not be our only NFT collection. Our work has just started, and WAGMI,” summed up Jacky.

Featured Image Credit: Enlightened Rats

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