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If you love to gamble on your phone, it’s vital to review existing gambling blockers just in case you need to take a break. The digital universe makes it almost impossible to block adverts from gambling operators, which can challenge minors and players with a gambling problem. Gambling blockers offer a way to voluntarily block access to gambling-related content from operators and other websites. Below is an overview of the top gambling blockers for Android users.

Free Vs Paid Gambling Blockers

You can use free game blockers and national schemes or invest in dedicated gambling blocker apps for Android. Here are the top free gambling blockers:


GamStop is a national self-exclusion program designed for UK punters and casinos. The scheme was introduced by the UK Gambling Commission as a mandatory license requirement, meaning all operators of online casinos, bingo sites, and sportsbooks must participate. However, there are hundreds of non GamStop UK casinos that accept British players, so sometimes you need to use other blockers if you want to block them. 

The scheme involves conducting thorough KYC ID verification when a player signs up for a free gambling account, log-in, deposit and cash-out and matching information against the GamStop database. Then, players can voluntarily register on GamStop to be added to the database and blocked from all UKGC-licensed gambling websites within 24 hours of registration. The minimum self-exclusion term on GamStop is six months, but players can choose up to five years.


BetBlocker is one of the few free gambling blocker apps available for Android users. The service is available for desktop and laptop users and offers a sleek mobile app for Android users. Players can install the free gambling blocker, which uses a database featuring gambling websites and platforms licensed in Europe. Once installed, you cannot access any website in the BetBlocker library. Unlike GamStop, the app can block other websites licensed outside the UK and has more flexible terms.

Block Gambling Transactions

This feature is used with help from financial companies that have joined hands with the UKGC and GamCare to work towards responsible gambling. The feature allows users to protect their bank accounts from making gambling-related transactions. 

Once activated, the bank will automatically block all transaction requests from gambling related sites and operators. However, the feature doesn’t stop players from using other payment methods or joining online casinos and sportsbooks.

Paid Gambling Blockers

Free blockers are effective but leave many gaps for players to exploit. For instance, joining GamStop, SpelPaus, ROFUS, and another national self-exclusion scheme restricts access to sites licensed within the jurisdiction. However, since players can join any online casino, registering on GamStop doesn’t limit them from gambling offshore websites and sportsbooks. Paid gambling blockers offer to fix this gap by providing robust databases covering the UK and non-UK licensed casino sites. Popular paid game blockers include:


Gamban is a software-based solution for players looking to block gambling websites licensed in the UK and Europe. Users can install Gamban on their Android smartphone or tablet. There’s also an app for desktop users. Gamban currently blocks more than 13,000 websites, and the database keeps growing. 

The blocker offers single/multiple device licenses, so you can install an app on more than one device. Once installed, it blocks access to all websites in its database. Players can also add to the list, and the app remains irremovable for the license duration. Gamban also has a seven-day free trial. However, it relies on a database and has gaps between updates.


Betfilter introduced its mobile gambling blocker in 2020 after providing PC and Mac users with the same service for several years. Like most game blockers, the app works on a single device and users can purchase a license to cover multiple installations across different devices. Once installed, you cannot uninstall the app until the license term expires. 

During this period, the device cannot access any gambling websites within the Betfilter database. The app also allows users to specify websites they want to block to continue enjoying regular non-gambling games. Betfilter blocks the UK and non-UK gambling websites, adverts, and gambling-related content.


Gamblock was founded in 2020 and used sophisticated algorithms to scan websites and block all gambling content instantly. The app doesn’t rely on any database. Instead, its robust algorithms scour the site’s content for key phrases and indicators and block the site if it meets set criteria. This mechanism eliminates the need for databases and gaps involved in updating them. 

Gamblock effectively blocks all gambling websites, including online sportsbooks, casinos and bingo/lottery sites. It also blocks adverts, pop-ups and promotional messages, and some trading sites and regular gaming platforms. In addition, the app is irremovable for the duration of the license and is the solution organizations and government offices use to protect company devices and resources from gambling.


NetNanny is unlike any gambling app you’ll encounter. It began as a family-wide blocking service designed for parents who want to protect their children from online content. Its parental control features are still the main highlights. 

However, NetNanny also offers an effective gambling blocking service since gambling websites are part of the content you can block using the app. Otherwise, NetNanny works like other database-based software solutions and instantly blocks access to gambling websites and promotions. The company offers licenses for five to 20 devices, making it perfect for homes and companies.


UK players have access to app blockers, self-exclusion schemes and other unique startups for restricting gambling websites, ads and content. Free schemes like GamStop are vital for blocking UK-based websites. However, Android app blockers will block all sites, including offshore and independent operators. Make sure you review each blocker, the license, terms, how it works and efficiency, to find the best solution for your needs.

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