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The USA is one of the most in-demand travel locations in the world, although in contrast to its massive popularity, travelling to the USA can actually be one of the most challenging endeavours most adventurers will come across. 

There are just so many amazing places to visit in the USA, and most people are willing to do whatever it takes to travel to America. In this article, we will be telling you about how you can travel to the USA if you are from Singapore, as well as taking a look at why venturing into America may not be as difficult as most people think.

What Is An ESTA & The Various Benefits It Can Bring

When most people think about travelling to the US, the first thing that would be likely to come up would be a VISA. VISA’s are notoriously hard to get ahold of, and because of this, most people never even embark on the venture to obtain one. 

However, despite popular belief, a VISA is not the only travel document one can obtain in order to travel to the US. For people that originate from countries that partake in the ESTA system, getting an ESTA is much easier than obtaining a VISA.

An ESTA plays a similar role to a VISA, meaning that people that obtain one are allowed to travel to the US for both tourism and business purposes. Moreover, unlike a VISA, an ESTA can be applied for online, with the whole process taking 30 minutes or less.

ESTA Singaporen citizens get almost the exact same travel capabilities as those who go through the arduous process of getting a VISA, and if you are planning to go to America, this will be your best and most straightforward option. 

Getting a VISA is a Notoriously Hard Process

We can’t all become one of the successful start-up billionaires from Singapore that can buy their way into any location imaginable. No, for the vast majority of us, we have to go through a plethora of tedious systems. If for some reason you were not able to qualify for an ESTA, your only other option would be to get a VISA.

As we mentioned before, getting a VISA is no easy task, and it is no secret as to how hated the whole process is by everyone who goes through it. Yet despite this, a VISA is still one of the best ways that most people can travel to the US if said person is from an eligible country and has no extenuating circumstances, and this may be the only way to go forward if you are unable to get an ESTA.

So, are you surprised at just how easy it is to travel to the USA? If so, you will be like the thousands of other people that were completely unaware that the ESTA existed. 

We hope you have fun on your travels to the USA.

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