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As someone with a busy work schedule, I sometimes like to have a short getaway somewhere outside the city to recharge and refresh, and my stay of choice is usually hotels.

Not only are they located near shopping malls or tourist attractions, but they also tend to have great facilities like swimming pools, indoor gyms, and restaurants with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Out of everything above though, the one thing I always looked forward to at hotels were the long steamy showers I could enjoy.

They’re a stand-out experience to me because hotel showers can accommodate much higher temperatures compared to my instant water heater at home, and often have a rain shower head.

But who’s to say that such an experience can only be had in 5-star hotels? Turns out, replicating it at home is entirely possible, with the help of some specific products. Here are 7 ways you can do the same.

1. Consider aromatherapy

Essential oil diffusers and vapourisers are a quick and easy way to spice up your showering experience. Depending on the scent, you could get various health benefits too. 

For example, lavender-scented essential oils can help reduce stress while rose scents can help with anxiety and improve moods. One local startup that carries such scents is iL Puro Natural.

Bespoke blends can also be found for various purposes, such as local startup Dedaun+co’s Morning Booster for a fresh start to the day.

On the other hand, shower steamers, which are essentially bath bombs for your shower, are also good choices for integrating aromatherapy.

The combination of a nice hot shower and the scents from essential oils are a well-loved combo for good reason, after all.

2. Use lights and music to set the mood

As cliche as it may be, lighting up candles (scented or otherwise) and dimming the lights really can set the mood, and it’s not just restricted to bathtub soaks.

Local brands you can check out for great-smelling candles include PAUSE, CandleLab+Co, and NUDECCO, all of whom have beautifully crafted candles that could double as unique art pieces in your bathroom too.

Scented candles from Lilin+Co to spice up your showering session / Image Credit: Lilin+Co

On top of that, you could play some soothing jazz or instrumental music to calm yourself down after a long day’s work. If you really want to get fancy though, no one will judge you for putting on classical music from Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach.

3. Invest in a good instant water heater

To get as close to a luxurious hotel shower experience as possible, it’s a good idea to invest in a good instant water heater.

An example of such is Panasonic’s DH-3NDP1MSR that is equipped with the Rain Shower attachment that simulates raindrops for a more relaxing shower experience.

On top of the sleek design, it has a large LCD Panel Display that shows the temperature setting, the time, and more, so you no longer have to fumble around with slippery knobs and wet or soapy hands to change controls.

The on/off button of the water heater itself is large and can be toggled even with your eyes closed.

Image Credit: Panasonic Malaysia

The shower head also has antibacterial properties to prevent mould and bacteria from growing on it, since the moist and humid environment it provides is typically a haven for them.

4. Find your ideal water temperature 

Did you know that the ideal temperature for a nice warm bath should be around 38°C? 

But it’s quite hard to pinpoint the exact temperature unless you measure the water with a thermometer. With a digital display, you can take the guessing game out of the equation, allowing you to tweak the temperature exactly.

If you prefer slightly hotter showers, the Panasonic DH-3NDP1MSR allows you to manually adjust the temperature much higher, and vice versa if you prefer colder showers. 

Although, do keep in mind that the maximum temperature also depends on the inlet flow rate of the water because the higher the flow rate, the less time there is for the water to heat up.

You can easily turn the instant water heater on or off with a push of a button / Image Credit: Panasonic Malaysia

As part of its 9 safety points, the instant water heater will also cut off power to the unit if the temperature gets too high in order to prevent first-degree burns.

5. Give yourself an exfoliating full-body massage

A dry brush helps with buffing out dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin. It can also be used to give yourself a nice, relaxing, full-body massage that promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for more vibrant and glowing skin.

You could consider using body scrubs like those from local startups sukurabu or Sluvi as an alternative to a dry brush. Aside from also helping you to get rid of dead skin cells, they leave you smelling amazing.

Moreover, Panasonic’s instant water heater comes with various e-CYCLE technological features to help reduce stress, regulate body temperature, and improve blood circulation.

6. Bring in a small plastic stool

A small plastic stool is a handy tool to bring in so that you have a place to sit and relax right under the rain shower, especially if you’ve been standing around the entire day.

If you’re doing this, you could lower the rain shower head so that the water has less time to cool down before reaching your body, giving you that tension-melting warmth. The Panasonic DH-3NP1MSR’s rain shower head can be easily adjusted for this purpose.


Your luxurious shower experience doesn’t have to stop after you get out of the steaming bathroom, though. Hot showers can actually cause your skin to dry out, so you can follow up with a generous lather of moisturising lotions or creams.

With the 6 ways described above, elevating your home shower to one that emulates a 5-star hotel’s is quite easily achievable.

A lot of the products can be purchased online and shipped to you hassle-free, including the Panasonic DH-3NDP1MSR, available on Lazada and Shopee for RM1,079.

If a display isn’t a necessary advantage for you, you could opt for the slightly cheaper DH-3NP2MSR that’s available for RM1,039 on Lazada and Shopee. Though it comes with fewer e-CYCLE features, it still gets the job done.

Panasonic’s service centres are also just a phone call away should you ever run into any issues with your instant water heater. 

Featured Image Credit: Panasonic Malaysia

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